Sunday, January 23, 2011
Oh my bleeding stars (that does not leave a good visual, me sowwie, I quite like stars too) anyway it has been bone chilling cold the last few days - it is currently 12 degrees and will get down to 10 degrees tonight. The cold depresses me, especially since I'm not really fond of the fit in any of the pants I own and all the tights I own are either too small or have holes in them. I hate to sound superficial but life is just more fun when you get to wear cute outfits and my cute outfits are more geared towards Spring like weather and not the arctic. I can even reasonably deal with 30 or so degrees but this... is just horrid. I'm completely ready for Spring! I'm sick of wearing my baggy jeans that make me look terrible just to stay warm.

I had made plans to spend the day eating, shopping, goofing, and possibly seeing a movie with my friend Summer. I got up and felt lazy but dragged myself out of bed anyway to fuss with my shake weight and clean in my nightshirt then I finally hopped into the shower. I had the 'Fraggle Rock' theme song stuck in my head so I shook my ass in our tiny camper sized shower after I accidentally walked into the shower with my glasses on (as per usual, they've kinda became an extension of myself so I forget I'm wearing them). I wanted to go with a pinup look for today's outfit but my leopard tank top just is not flattering on me, I really should sell it. It's a stretchy size L from Forever 21. Anyone interested? I'll post pictures if anyone comes across the blog and is interested.

I had a pretty amusing back and forth with my fiance over text:

Me: hey, where are some batteries? Ow ow I accidentally sat on the shake weight. (Accidentally sitting on the shake weight was really not pleasant, just a disclaimer from me to you)
Him: aww.. umm what type of batteries?
Me: double a like Kate Hudson's lack o'rack (I'm giving him a hard time because he once told me she was cute and although I agree I just well, like to give him a hard time)
Him: think we're out of AA baby.
Me: shame on you! shame on your entire family! oh goats honey, that soap in the bathroom says "God bless us everyone" I almost lit it on fire. (yes, I'm an atheist but I also don't like religious messages whether holiday intended or not pushed on me. especially on my soap)
Him: oh the soap YOU picked.
Me: Yep, shame on me, shame on my whole family. I'm going to walk into a blade, ninja style.
Him: uh no, please don't.
Me: I won't. I am tempted to write goats in its place.

I just thought the back and forth about nothing was funny.

So anyway met up with Summer and we walked around Kohls, picked up and put back a few things because we didn't want to wait in the line for 15 minutes. Goofed off, harassed these bear and cat sculptures on park benches (are they called something else?) by wiggling our asses in their faces, and walked to the furthest restaurant in the freezing cold. I haven't been to California Pizza Kitchen in awhile but it was really tasty, definitely a good choice. I ordered the strawberry tea (noms) and roasted garlic pizza on honey wheat dough.

Then it was off to see the cupcakes at this placed called Lilly Magilly's Cup Cakery (they don't have a site or I'd link you to it). I would have taken pictures but as stated in the silly text conversation, no batteries! I got 4 cupcakes (I couldn't resist) including the vanilla, cookies & cream, red velvet, and cherry almond; the latter of the two I have yet to enjoy. Summer bought the cherry almond and salted caramel, she said the salted caramel was good but she didn't get the salted caramel flavor. The cupcakes are very good but a little rich.

I saw many things I wanted but am on a very limited budget, between food and gas there doesn't seem to be much funds left. I went into Bath and Body Works and smelled their new Island Escape Collection and I actually liked every single one. They smell really good, I'm not typically a tropical island scent kinda gal but if I had the money I probably would have bought one of each. I'm always on the lookout for a new scent. Maybe the next time I have money! Oh, look at me getting excited at the prospect already.

So by the time we left the cup cakery (cute) the temperature had dropped and I was freezing. I have outgrown my two winter coats (a beat up leather coat I've had since I was in 8th grade and a cream colored coat I adore but is one size too small - okay maybe two sizes too small) but since I quite like the cold I usually just dress in layers and in large sweaters but 12 degrees is way too cold to not be in a jacket (plus I decided to wear a skirt which was a big mistake). We ran into Target for two reasons, Target is awesome and it was WARM. My legs and face were bright red from the cold, eek don't recall being that cold before. As we were walking around Target we came across some coats on clearance and I actually found one that fits and is absolutely adorable and you know what it was $15.74! I couldn't pass that up. I will take pictures later but it is black and ties around the waist. Sadly my funds were so low I couldn't even swing that low of a price but Summer stepped in and bought it for me (thank you, thank you) and so I owe her more than just a dinner. How do you repay someone for helping prevent frostbite? We finally left after drooling over sparkly tutus that were wayyyy too small (little girls section haha), scaring many a customer with our weird noises and behavior, and getting way too much enjoyment out of the cart lift. 

Then we walked, proud to say coat clad and much more toasty because of it, to her car to eat a cupcake and chat for awhile. It was a very dandy outing, if only it was warmer brrrrBrrrrbrrr.

The ride home wasn't as pleasant with much annoyance from road work and having to rush home to the potty after entirely too much water.

Tomorrow I have plans to eat steak with my Dad and Step-mom and get my belated Christmas present better known as a new cellphone. I have decided on the DROID-X! I'm so excited. I've been looking for cute cases already. 

I can't decide between something sparkly (I'm a sucker for sparkles and glitter) or a rubber/hard case.

I really like this one! Maybe I have found a winner.

Well wish me good phone shopping luck. I also will have to remember to buy some AA batteries so I can take some pictures. Enjoy the rest of your weekend <3


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