Thursday, January 20, 2011
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Two things, I don't usually wear heels because I find most of them incredibly uncomfortable. I know there are comfortable heels out there, I have discovered and subsequently worn out many a one but I do love the look of them and if they are comfy and have a low heel I'd be open to the possibility. Oh and I would never wear Steve Madden shoes, there way too slim cut and uncomfortable for my sensitive feet. I like to look at them and pet them and say "oh so pretty" though. But I absolutely love this ASOS dress, how pretty can you be? I saw this handbag yesterday during my adventure and thought the purse was cute although I'm not fond of gold. I can never (usually) go wrong with a old navy sweater. So in summation, I would wear this entire outfit in a perfect world but in my reality I'd probably pair this with a cute ballet flat - probably black ballet flat. With a dress this feminine I'd keep the jewelry light and makeup natural. Maybe a cute little strand of hair braided and pulled back with a bobby pin.

I really want to find a comfy pair of gray heels, I really like the almost nude under-toned glossy heels. I've seen some in stores but I very rarely get the energy to even try on heels. That is probably part of my problem, that and a limited budget. 

Oh I forgot to mention, last night during our essential shopping my boyfriend generously (and sweetly) bought me a few things: including a baby blue colored shake weight that I find endlessly amusing (note: I am a.d.h.d so we'll see how long are love affair lasts), 'Walk the Line' on dvd (rawr Joaquin), some basic black bobby pins I really needed, and a night shirt that reads "Have you seen my zombie?" and if you lift up the bottom of the shirt (scandalous) there's a green zombie printed on the inside. It was very fun essential shopping if I do say so myself, I walked slyly in front of my boyfriend and spun all the plastic bag thingies while he shook his head and an employee smiled and laughed at my mischievousness. They shouldn't make them so much fun to play with.

I'm really craving a hamburger, had some last night but the beast has not yet been tamed I suppose. Ah save us all. Oh crap, I better get going on my online banking doopie before I forget.


Gem said...

I really like that asos dress, it's nice and simple so you could wear loads of different things with it

Honeysuck_elle said...

oh me too, I've been drooling over it so hard. Cute worn with a cardigan, sweater like above, or a leather jacket. Ah, covet!

My first comment, is it sad that I'm giddy about my first comment haha.

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