Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Today was a bit busy, well for me, I woke up right after my boyfriend went to work and did some laundry. I'm always proud of myself when I start my day off with doing something I'm suppose to instead of you know like waking up and eating two baby bell cheese rounds. Then I decided to try for the third time to activate my new debit card which was being a complete pain. Every other time I tried to activate it seemed to magically be a holiday I'd forget about. Not that I forgot Christmas was Christmas, it'd be a really hard to be oblivious to Christmas. Well trying to fix the problem over the phone was not a success so I had to actually go to the bank. Then blah blah blah some of the money I was going to use to shop now had to be deposited into the new account I had to open because I'm a doofus and forgot my online login for the second time and it squashed my plans to walk around Potomac Mills. I've never been in the mall at Potomac Mills just to the movie theater so I was a bit bummed. But I gave in and went to a local mall instead, the plan was to go into the ginarmo Forever 21 to check out their Faith 21 department but I got distracted by the oh shiny of a store I just discovered called Charming Charlie. One of the girls there complimented me on my hair right when I walked through the door and we had a quick chat about red hair. I actually spent about an hour there. They have so much cute stuff, mostly jewelry, purses, and hair accessories. I ended up buying this really beautiful cream open cardigan, which is funny considering they didn't sell many clothing items and I ended up with a clothing item.
That isn't the best picture, it's quite dark in the basement we rent out. The material is really soft and the beading is really beautiful, almost a henna like design but in black. I'm in love with it. I wanted this long necklace as well but figured I should pace myself so I could look at another store.

I did finally go into Forever 21, they seemed to have shrank the accessories department which was a bit disappointing. I don't know if I just missed where the rest of the jewelry was but most of the jewelry department was replaced by shoes. The shoes were cute but they looked amazingly uncomfortable. They had a few skirts and things I ended up trying on. I only actually liked maybe one thing on me. The rest just were not flattering at all. It was really warm in the store too so I didn't feel like sticking around.

This one fit well but it made my hips look even wider than they already are. The site doesn't seem to have any of the links to the other stuff I tried on. There was this red jacket I quite liked but I was a bit too hot to try it on and I couldn't afford it anyway. There was also a blue tulle like skirt I kind of liked but I don't know if I'll go back for it. It was a 'kinda like' not a 'love' situation.

After that I decided to leave the mall and get something to eat and drink. Ended up at Trader Joes and bought oranges, apples, carbonara ravioli (which I've yet to try), and vanilla almond clusters cereal. The cereal was surprisingly filling. The woman at the checkout complimented me on my earrings, there were just a little pair I made myself with my little sisters beads. It is always nice to round out an outing with two compliments.

Now waiting for Jason to get off work so we can run to the store to buy a few essentials (i.e toothpaste and the like).


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