Friday, June 3, 2011

I keep telling myself that I will post more often, weekly at least and I never seem to get around to it. I'm a bum, I've always admitted to my bum-ness or in the words of Mr. Strickland, "You're a slacker".

Last Thursday I went to Goth Prom in DC with Summer and my roommate, Dawn. Dawn and I were talking upstairs for awhile like we usually do and I had mentioned I was going to "Gawf" Prom later and we decided she just had to come. It was hotter than all sin that day so the outfit wasn't as decked out as originally planned. Summer had a really cute lace dress from Simply Be on by the way! The drive to D.C is always an interesting one, the never ending traffic had us all road raging, and a pot hole the size of Lake Michigan almost wiped us all out. Luckily everyone including Henry the vroom vroom machine are well and safe, tucked in our parking spaces and covered in bird poo. Actually,  Henry I think you're alone on those last two.

"Gawf" Prom wasn't too bad, it was held at this place called Town Dance Boutique and it was quite bigger than the clubs I'm use to. Most of the clubs I've ever been to have been the size of someones basement. There only ever seems to be two types of clubs in the D.C/Baltimore region, everything else and Gay Clubs that are awesome and actually have more diversity in the nights/events they throw. I have no idea what the club scene is like anywhere else but our little region is a little lackluster, I must say. Town was pretty cool though, they might have had more rooms open but I only noticed two - both had dance floors and bars, places to sit and stages.

I guess that is a little stage, not exactly a stage-stage more like place for people to shake their rrrrump (I wish I could roll my r's). We finished up the evening near this stage. I had several drinks, my memory escapes me but I think 5 or 6 and finally in the last about 30 minutes of being there I felt drunk. The music wasn't bad, the energy was decent, overall a pretty fun night. Saw my friend Matt, who I was very happy to see, he was in true Matt form and danced with us and said "To think I almost did not come". As the club was closing, Summer made a funny comment about the "W" on the door standing for "Wenis" and in true Rachel drunken glory I decided to say it in funny, slurred voices over and over (and over) again. There was a guy who worked at the club cleaning the bathroom when we (I) stumbled in so I had to, it was basically an obligation. As I left the bathroom I walked past him still saying "wenis" and doing absurd dance moves, he grinned and shook his head. Then a complete stranger and I played the "penis" game outside the club. Oh, the maturity. It's rough, it really is, being a mature adult. Seems hard for me at least.

Anyway Dawn drove us home, Summer left and I amazingly did not have a hangover when I woke up. Actually that is the second time I've been drunk since my last post, I got drunk at Don Pabolo's off, as I joked "a bucket full of tequila" after getting a damnhugemargarita. The waitress tried to warn me "Are you sure you want the big one?" and I was like "Bring it on ese."

Celebrated my Row-Row's birthday the day before by taking her for a steak dinner (I think she had fish actually) and then we did a little shopping.

I hope you like this backward timeline.

Anyway this current weekend was a bit on the slow side (no drunken stories to scare you with) but it was relaxing. My boyfriend and I played a lot of L.A Noire, well more like I watched him and laughed my fanny off at the excessive city damage he was causing from his crazy driving.

I love how you have to read peoples expressions, mannerisms, and words to see if they're being deceptive or not and of course as you can see, it is a very beautiful game. I love the use of music in the game as well.

I haven't been shopping really, just grocery shopping at the ol' Costco. We've been strapped for cash. I did buy myself one thing I had been eying for a little while, plus its the time of the bright shining sun and I've lost (can't find) all my others so I thought a replacement was needed:

I ordered a pair in Raspberry. I'm excited to get them, hope they look good on my chipmunk cheeks. Oh memory jog, I have bought a few things: some skirts (one red and one black that are absolutely adorable) and three cds (I love you used bookstore/cd/video store).

Hope everyone is well! I'm signing off now with yes, another video and a picture of my kitteh being far more lady like than I.


Thick Threads said...

no pix of goth prom outfits??? aww man :( sandess! BUT! i am so glad you had a fun time!!!

also slackers rule! *high five* on that one!


Honeysuck_elle said...

I sorry I didn't take pictures, I had a really simple outfit on, just black satin skirt and black tank. I put a link at the bottom of my friends dress from simply be. I did have fun, thanks sweetie :)

Haha, slacker high five. I'm starting to think it really is becoming a lifestyle.

Thick Threads said...

Oh that dress is really pretty! :) and yes. it is soooo a lifestyle..a chillaxed one :)


Honeysuck_elle said...

I agree, I had total dress envy, I didn't even know she knew the site.

Livin the slacker lifestyle, title of my autobiography haha, not that I'd be vain enough to think my life would be worthy of any autobiography but snappy (fitting) title either way.

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