Wednesday, June 29, 2011
And Hello (I never know how to start off an entry, so yes, I'm going to start with a conjunction).What have I been up to? Leaving my clean laundry on the couch, I know that much for certain. All of our clothes are going to get covered in cat fur in time so why not just hurry the entire process.

Over the weekend I saw Super 8, it turned out to be a bit different than I expected it to be, one of Jason's friends spoiled us a little bit before hand. It was rather funny actually, and surprisingly sentimental. I don't usually associate the warm and fuzzy with a J.J Abrams production but I did enjoy myself. I guess I was being a bit of a lout because I wanted more explosions, disasters, blood, gore, abnormal people and creatures, slurpee like goo swallowing farm animals whole, kittens riding tricycles - ya know that sort of stuff. I typically don't set out to watch movies for that reason alone but every now and then I just want to clinch my fists and go "EEEE explode."

True Blood has returned! Excited to see where this season will take us. I watched the Season premiere, heard the second episode is floating around. I actually like the idea of witches so we shall see.

My boyfriend has almost beat American McGees Alice, not for the first time but it has been quite some time since his original game play. Alice: Madness Returns is so amazing. I might not be the best at it as of yet but the game is stunning. 

Friday, Jason and I took his sister to dinner (The Cheesecake Factory, we go there a little too much for one persons digestive system) for her birthday along with her friend Elysia.

I haven't been feeling that great, not really sure what is going on just pain in my chest (this is a recurring thing) and arms. I've been trying to ignore it but it is friggin uncomfortable. I've been to the doctor about it in the past and it always (almost) ends up being a waste of money, I have no insurance so it is all out of pocket. I just want a solution dammit, pain reliever does not help.

Saturday, I somehow convinced my boyfriend to take me candle shopping. I LOVE candles but he doesn't. I'm quite picky when it comes to scents and so is he but I ended up getting two as you can see. The Red Velvet is self explanatory but the Fireside is just, I don't know how to describe it accurately - it smells a bit like wood but it just makes me feel relaxed and homey.

I got some new leggings from Torrid, they only had them left in one size which is a bit too big for me but I couldn't pass on them. The torrid storks work incredibly quick, these babies arrived within days of placing my order. I have been a torrid fan foreve. I will take pictures soon, I'm not really sure what to wear them with, maybe a tunic? They are a bit thick, could actually be worn more as you know actual bottoms. Here is a Linksie to them btw.

I have been craving cake, cupcakes, and chocolate non-stop this past week. My boyfriend and I shared cupcakes at Ruby Tuesdays, they weren't bad actually, shh a little secret - Jason was pretending to be a judge from 'Cupcake Wars' as he ate them. It was really cute. 

I ended ordering a custom candy bar from Chocomize, it should be here soon, I was really curious and I kept making fake creations and then clicking off the page and then doing it again so I finally gave in. I'm weak to the chocolatey powers. They have a huge range of toppings you can choose from, everything from lavender to orange peel, sour patch kids to beef jerky and potato chips - just a heap of options. I will share my creation once it arrives =D

I tried on a dress at Target that did not work at all so I put it back, but they did not have my size so perhaps that was the real issue.

It has been insanely warm, as I so eloquently put it yesterday, it felt like "satans microwave" yesterday as I was out running errands. I wanted to die, my glasses were fogging up on my face from the heat and the air conditioning in my car was not being very cool(pun, dirty pun maker). I hate the heat, absolutely despise it, it  makes me so irritable. I plan on basking in the air conditioning as much as possible.

Oh and good news, my boyfriend and I are a step closer to our own house. We had been anxiously and impatiently awaiting the arrival of a letter and it came. I was so damn excited. There are still many hurdles to go but it is something!

Onto a few music videos I wanted to share, the band 'The Ettes' I have been a fan for awhile, I'm hoping to possibly see them live in September.

One last one...


Thick Threads said...

yah i never know how to start off my posts either. I figure being casual and random is refreshing for people so why not? :D but im probably so wrong and some snobby writier somewhere is deducting points on us somehow haha! yeah im contemplating on seeing super 8 i mean it didnt convince me in the trailer...and i have yet to watch the new season of trublood but witches sound creeyp and exciting..cant lie! :) also candles rule! :) glad you got your bf around to taking you...he knows he loves it! tell him to quit liein! :D jk


Honeysuck_elle said...

Hehe I'm glad I'm not the only one, I always have trouble figuring out how to start a letter, entry, chapter, etc. I generally end up doing what I always do, making some attempt to make a joke. Haha yes, a creative writing teacher might have to smack our hands with a ruler for our behavior.

'Super 8' was well hard to describe, the trailer is a bit misleading, that much is for certain. I'm still on the fence about this seasons 'True Blood' as well, I've seen the first two episodes but I've yet to get hooked on the season. We'll see, 'True Blood' usually picks up mid season. I love the idea of witches, there aren't enough cool witchy tales (in tv shows and movies) out there. Ever seen 'Hocus Pocus'? That is one of my favorite movies everr.

I <3 candles, I always want more. The ones I mentioned here are already 1/2 to 3/4 gone. Need new ones soon, the boyfriend will love another candle adventure. He exaggerates his dislike for them, he doesn't seem bothered by them in the least lately which is very "yay" for me.


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