Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Gather around the bean bag kiddies, I got drunken stories to tell ya. More to come on that later...

So that took longer than expected/projected/other-word-ending-in-"ed"... I had a friggin cold from the living pits of doomy, Mordor, big eye havin' hell. I'm not fully recovered yet, I still have a lingering cough and a little congestion in my nasal cavity. The word "cavity" gives me the willies, it just does - say it slowly, it sounds ominous - CA-VAH-DEE - I know what my demon is going to torture me with when it decides to go all 'Paranormal Activity' on my ass. I just hope I'm not possessed wondering around in my pajamas for too long because that would kinda suck, especially if I was in one of my more amusing bedtime clothing choices like my glow in the dark 'Toy Story' shirt with aliens that reads "Oooohhhhh." I'm not wearing that right now or anything. No, never. Actually, that would be somewhat gratifying, that is until I possess your automated pool cleaner then you will be cursing me to the high tide heavens.

Perhaps it is too late for me to share tales from my 2011 Holidays but better late than never, at least that's what I always said to the truancy officers in my school days. I've probably mentioned that before but its a good excuse. Make an excuse and stick to it, even when you are 26 years old. Emphasis on old *pout*. I'm kidding, I never understood societies obsession with youth, especially since I gravitate towards the older men. Dylan McDermott, mmm.

I had a really lovely Christmas with my family. My little sisters seemed to enjoy their presents, I do however regret buying my little sister Megan a top since she got almost all clothes and is still at that age when she wants anything BUT clothes. Children *shakes head*. Becky seemed to enjoy her baking books and the bracelet I picked out for her, she baked a recipe from one of the books while we were visiting. Oh and Megan broke the toy I got her in a couple of hours so that worked out nicely...I was in true talkative hyper form and was quite proud of the laughs I squeezed out of every single family member. Victory was mine. We had a lovely dinner and I sat in my pajamas all day, win win. The next day we did a little shopping and dragged Becky around FYE for far too long. My little sisters really seem to miss me although they wouldn't dare say so because the sentimental police might come by and slap them with a fine (We are not an affectionate family, our way of showing affection is something like "what are you wearing... you smell like a donkey farm").

So what did I get? Lots of cool shit. You can stop holding your breath, yes, I got socks - one pair of which have an emotion written on them... oh yeah. I never buy them for myself so I was pleased to receive them.

Admittedly, a few of these things I bought myself like the earrings and sunglasses (Kohls) but the rest was gifted. Requested but gifted, apparently I'm hard to shop for. My multitude of wishlists seem to prove otherwise but I actually very rarely share my wishlists with anyone, I get shy when other people buy me clothes. I was really excited to get the Playstation 3, which I requested after my mother asked me what I wanted, my first request was a cat farm and castle property but I think the budget wouldn't allow that. I got a few other things that are not pictured but this was the bulk of it.

I attempted to take pictures with my stupid brick (droid x) but they didn't turn out so hot since my eyes look wonky and my face looks shiny and puffy. I don't sleep much while I'm over my moms. I do however love this blue sparkly top, it is a shiny. It's a pajama top from Target by the way, it reminded me of an iceberg. Titanic jokes ensue.

I saw 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' U.S adaption and really enjoyed it. I love the remade 'Immigrant Song' too, it is so kick ass. I hate the expression "kick ass", I don't know why I use it, go ahead... kick me in the ass. I was surprised by the chemistry that Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara had but they did a great job with their roles. I hated the addition of the animal killing because it always makes me sad, I was however intrigued by the fact that this version has a softer, less closed off Lisbeth Salander. I'm not sure how I feel about that, I haven't read the books so I'm not sure how she was written to begin with.

I took pictures before I headed to a house party for New Years and look alarmingly drunk in all of them, even though I was as sober as a church mouse, I also look like crap but that is another issue. *slams fist on table* The flash really hurts my eyes dammsits. I also didn't end up wearing what I have on here, I ended up changing at the last minute even though I sat around nervously dressed in the above outfit for a good four hours. It is somewhat of a hoot considering in a few hours I would be beyond trashed playing with my hair on a bean bag chair. See, I told you I'd get to it.

My boyfriend said I would be in the middle of a conversation and then make some comment about my lip-gloss and disappear for 15 minutes. I kept disappearing to the bean bag chair. I was a very loving drunk this New Years; I was hugging everyone, having conversations with people I've never met, telling people the most random stuff, and saying things like (but not including) "I love you man." It really was a lot of fun despite the fact that I was recalling things I said the next day and shaking my head at myself. You think I have no filter now, you shoulda seen me on New Years Eve... I meant to take pictures at the party but I was sober for maybe 45 minutes. I had forgotten my car was parked at the house party until about 8pm the next day, needless to say I had a pretty nasty hangover and was friends with the trash can for a little bit. We picked up my car the next day and then went over to Jamie and Christina's gorgeous Plantation-esque house they just moved into where we talked for a long time, visited with Christina's bunny and watched it play a game using its mouth, and then played a nightmare styled video game on the Kinect.

Since then we've seen 'Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows', saw a house with major mold issues - no wonder it was in our price range - blah, and got some fantastic news! Jason and I are going to Florida and possibly Georgia/South Carolina next month! We will get to visit our best friend, Row and her kids who moved to Florida and see Jason's grandmother, go to the beach, and possibly stop by Epcot if we can afford it. I'm super excited. Jason is going to be off for 17 days so we have plenty of time to drive down there and relax. Hopefully on the way back we will be able to visit Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. We just confirmed it today and I've been writing lists, doing research, and creating spreadsheets for the bulk of today in preparation. Super yay, I haven't been on a vacation longer than 3 days in years! I'm only worried who will take care of the cats and how they will handle not getting much attention for at least 12 days straight.

I'm also thinking of changing my hair color and style soon, I'm getting really sick of it and my roots are very neglected, like surprise visit from social worker for the tresses department neglected. I'm thinking of going to my natural color that I had for about 6 months at age 13 before I quickly started putting highlights in it. Judging from the 3 inches of root I currently have my natural hair color is a dirty blonde. Mostly I'm thinking of changing it to my natural hair color because I'm sick of coloring it - the maintenance, cost, and stress is not worth it. I'm also thinking of doing a side swept bang because my forehead is a jerk. I was blonde throughout the majority of my life (up until I was about 22) and if it was still the below color I'd be more excited but sadly it isn't. I really like being a red head too so... sad panda. We shall see.

picture of a picture. yes, I'm THAT lazy.
Anywho, I hope everyone is feeling well, try and fight the power and this flu bug that is going around - it is pretty nasty.


Arielle said...

I've been wanting to go to Savannah, GA for so long now! I feel ya on the itch to change your hair! I could see you as a blonde. I always wish I could see what I'd look like as a blonde.

Woot Woot for Uncharted 3!

Honeysuckelle said...

@Arielle- I'm really hoping we will get to go to Savannah, I really want to go to Forsyth Park and see all the southern mansions. I love the architecture in the areas of Georgia and South Carolina, so many of them look like in real life dollhouses.

My forehead always looks weird no matter what I do, I need a hairstyle change! Red is such a pain to maintain but I loves it. You ever try on a good quality blonde wig to see how it looks on you? It sounds silly but sometimes I try to make a sim look like myself and try different hair colors. I know the sim modification isn't perfectly realistic though.

I love the Uncharted video games, I'm starting on the first Uncharted because I only watched my boyfriend beat Uncharted 2 at a friends house awhile back.


Dial V for Vintage said...

You received some great gifts! Last weekend I also watched Sherlock Holmes 2, did you enjoy it? I thought it was very entertaining! :)

Courtney Erin said...

I am always wanting to change up my hair constantly! And you got some sweet Christmas gifts (you've got to let me know your thoughts on the Bernard book - I still haven't read my copy but I'm looking forward to it). Sorry about the cold...

Courtney ~

Honeysuckelle said...

@Dial V for Vintage- Thank you, I was quite pleased with my Christmas loot :) I enjoyed 'Sherlock Holmes 2' but I felt a little distracted while I was watching it and it felt like the antagonist was very easily defeated. My distraction could just be from myself, I have a hard time sitting still in the theater. I love the music they use in the 'Sherlock Holmes' movies, I have the soundtrack of the first movie. I love Robert Downey Jr as well, he is such a charmer.


Honeysuckelle said...

@Courtney- Me too about the hair color but then I always get a little stressed when I do thinking "am I permanently damaging my hair?" or "what will I do when it fades/my roots start showing again?" because I never maintain the color like I should. It is fun having different colors though, especially that first week - such a blissful feeling. I've been wanting to put some pink strands in my hair forever but I keep chickening out. I'm sure you'd look beautiful with any hair color you would want.

I did make out like a bandit this Christmas. So far I've read the introduction on Bernard's book and I'm not sure how to feel about him approaching the angle of PROVING that Anne Boleyn had affairs. If she had, how can he prove it? Also, even if she had, she did not deserve to have her head chopped off because of it. I feel like the real reason she ended up being beheaded was because she scared people because they felt she was too independent, too opinionated, too smart, and too influential for a woman of her time so they wanted to silence her and scare the rest of the people back to their designated places. But I will definitely let you know my thoughts as I read it. I've been slacking in my reading.

Thank you about the cold, I'm feeling better every day.


Amber said...

Man that was one wicked cold. Your Christmas loot is pretty awesome. I've been told Im hard to shop for too so usually I just send out a list. Your drunk NYE night sounds pretty kick ass :) I always love a good drunk hug. PS you smell like a donkey farm

Honeysuckelle said...

@Amber - It really was/is since it is still in my immediate vicinity. Stupid germs. Christmas is pretty awesome, one of the only times a year where it feels natural for people to give you stuff for absolutely no reason. Well I mean it always feels natural but rarely do I not go "you shouldn't have". Yeah, I don't get. We are easy to shop for... just look for the awesome then wrap it.

Haha, my NYE was a lot of fun. That bean bag never called me though :( I am apparently an awesome drunk hugger and a crappy normal hugger. Donkey farm was a very expensive perfume, I'm proud of it.


Mary said...

What a cute post. I miss Christmas already but I am excited to see what this year has in store! Maybe a new hairstyle?

Let me know what you decide!

Honeysuckelle said...

@Mary - Thank youuu, I hoped it would be. I miss Christmas too and it's weird because I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas. I don't miss the Christmas music in stores, that is one thing I really don't miss. Me too, hopefully this will be a great year for both of us and I will definitely be posting about a new hairstyle when the time comes.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! GREAT post! Glad I stumbled across your blog, I'll come back again :)

Honeysuckelle said...

@Miss Kitty- Aww, I'm so glad for the stumble upon my blog. Sometimes a stumble isn't so bad. I'm looking into some bean bag real estate in my immediate future, I was quite fond of that friggin thing. Maybe it's a side effect of cake vodka? OH, maybe I should make every post from my future bean bag? Bean bag blogging! Genius. Hmm, why did I go into this rant about bean bags... cake vodka isn't here...

Seriously though, I hope you do visit again and thankkk you so much for the sweet words!


ShyScout said...

Have fun in Florida and possibly GA! I am jealous. I would love to be able to get to the beach and warm weather. This post was so cute.

Question - do you like the movie fright night? I have been thinking about renting it.

Honeysuckelle said...

@ShyScout- Thank you, I hope we have a fun vacation, I hope I can get my boyfriend to cut loose. I'm planning my outfits in my head as we speak, it is hard to plan 12 outfits. Spring and Summer will be here before you know it! I say that but it is friggin January and Spring feels like centuries away.

I probably won't spend too much time on the actual beach, I like the beach but my skin-tone tends to hover around marshmallow or eggshell but I like to stare at it in the shade. I'm excited to not have to wear socks! Awws, thank you about saying the post was cute. I try... most of the time, I'm a bit of a slacker. YES! You must see 'Fright Night', I absolutely loved it - it was cheesy, funny, sexy, and it reminded me of the old school horror movies. I really loved it. Colin Farrell played a really good vampire and David Tennant is really funny. I hope you like the movie, tell me what you think about it after you see it!


wait until the sunset said...

WELLL HIYA!!!! It's awesome to see some full pictures of you! Your eyes don't look wonky and you don't look like an iceberg! Heya hot stuff! :)

(and awesome chrissy pressies!)

Honeysuckelle said...

@WUTS- Hiya, you're back from the best vacation ever. Epic vacation taker. Hopefully I'll grow some lady balls and be able to do full outfit pictures soon. Thank ya for the compliments, I'm so flattered, and I did have a pretty fantastical Christmas.


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