Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm not sure what I did to deserve this taunting from Modcloth but these dresses are gorgeous *pounds fist on table*! And out of my price range!.... My price range is clearance, dumpster dive finds, holding someone up with a butter finger disguised as a gun, etc. I do not have $175 (plus whatever shipping is) sitting around waiting to be applied to stunning dress purchases! So, I am going to ask again, what did I do to deserve such torture Modcloth? Wah. It is times like these that I wish I had a credit card so I could buy things I can't actually afford. I know no one is exactly climbing in the air ducts to seek advice from a lazybones like me but trust me, do not fuck up your credit. Just don't do it. When I was 18-19 I went nutso with credit cards and have regretted it ever since then, hence why I am credit card less now. Live and learn? Yeah, live and learn not to strangle your roommates because you can't get a place of your own. Roommates will drive you crazy over the tiniest of offenses, I'm completely convinced of this. Case in point, last night when I was making dinner, I had myself a very merry rant session and then had tears falling into my pasta all because of some comment about the trash. I even threw and kicked the empty pasta box *take that Barilla*. Oh hey Rachel, you got something showing, it's your crazy - might want to wash that off/go check a mirror.

I just started watching 'The Wire' and was really enjoying myself until beloved characters were getting "capped." I can't say capped with a straight face so I had to put it into quotations. It's not like the show bullet trained from puppies riding rainbows to gang violence, the show LITERALLY starts off with a murder, but I can't always gauge what is going to strike an emotional cord with me. Suffice to say tears were shed (more incidences of tears? geez...), it is a show full of tragedy, Baltimore is a rough city. I know the actual characters aren't real, however, I know that such things happen practically everyday in Baltimore. I'm from Baltimore, I lived in Arbutus (which is South West of Baltimore) until I was 7, and I watched the news every morning before school so I was/am aware of the cities problems. Don't get me wrong I partied in Baltimore with hardly a care in the world for years (moment to have flashbacks of shaking it) but now that I live in a place which has virtually no crime whatsoever, I realize just how bad Baltimore actually is. I'm kind of scared to go back, isn't that ludicrous? I always knew how the city was but now I'm scared of it, I wasn't scared at 18 when I was walking around in school girl outfits and such (not casual strolls mind you, it was to and from clubs/bars). Am I ridiculous or do other people get a little too emotionally involved in shows that represent true stories and places? SO because of all that, I've taken a hiatus from 'The Wire' watching because I'm just now getting over the Wallace incident.  That and one of my roommates locked themselves out this morning and was knocking on the back door and I literally woke up my boyfriend to get the door. I didn't know who it was, it was dark, and I know what happened in 'The Wire'! Tap, tap, tap.

WALLLLACE, he was just a boy! Between this show and 'Game of Thrones', just ugh, I'm too sensitivo for this whole TV drama watching business.

My boyfriend and I start our vacation in 16 days, roughly only two weeks away, and I still don't know what outfits to pack! Holy frankfurter (how does this frankfurter become a holy creature, is it elected or...?), I need to get on that. But I did find a few new things that I'm determined to decorate my body with whilst on this vacation, well and one thing that is too warm for Florida. I found a really simple black dress that will be good to wear or use as a cover up and it was only $2 mo-f'in dollars! I finally decided to give in and admit that I've always wanted a pair of red heart shaped glasses (Cliche? Check. DGAF? CHECK!) and found a pair for only $5 on ebay. While we were shopping for cat necessities during the week (speaking of cats look at Mr. Hero, what a cutie, d'aww) I found this great pink heart print top, it is a pajama top but throw a tank top under it and no one everrrr has to know - well, besides you guys of course *shifts eyes*. I love using Valentines Day to quench my uber-girlie need for bright colors and heart prints! Go-Go-useless-holiday!

In the interest of saving money we've been eating almost every meal at home and I made this really delicious rice dish - if you follow me on Twitter you might already know about it - but it was rice with lemon, basil, parmesan cheese, little butter, lots of garlic, and golden raisins! It was sooo good. I replicated the dish a few days ago adding onion and chicken, and still quite a keeper. Vegesaurus's, look away! Pretend the last picture never happened! The last meal I had to share because I'm American and it is my duty to share my meat and potato eatin'. That or I just really like steak, cheese, and potatoes. The last one rings more true.

Target delivered on the awesome promise once again. My boyfriend was not pleased ("how many coats does one girl need?" But it has ruffles and pockets!) that I found a black coat in the clearance section, yet again while shopping for necessities, it was originally $72.99 marked down to $21! It ties at the waist, ruffles at the bottom, and has pockets (I have two coats that don't have pockets and it drives me mad, how you make coat without pocket!). I'm so glad it came home with me, it is a bit too big but I like my coats with some extra square footage. Apologies for the bad pictures and the cat hair, my closet is jam packed so if I hung up my coats I'm pretty sure the bar would collapse (again) or snap in half...

Well, I'm hoping to get packed a few days before we leave and I was thinking of sharing tips for vacation packing for the plus sized gal, but that is only if I can actually successfully manage the whole thing. I wish these two cuties could come with, they look rather guilty of something... better go punish them with kisses.


Courtney Erin said...

That last photo is too cute!!! And ModCloth also continually taunts me with all their cute stuff...

Courtney ~

Amber said...

ModCloth continually taunts me as well. They are so cruel and yet I always go back for more. Dont give up on Games of Thrones. I know murders be happening every show but it so good!

Mary said...

Those are the same dresses I am drooling over! Modcloth suxs. Btw. Cute cats! In a box! I died :)

Honeysuckelle said...

@Courtney- Thank you, I love mah kitties, and they love costco runs! After taking this picture they both took turns sitting in the box individually and then fighting one another through the window/handle. I imagined little one act plays of course, they were both pretty Jerry Springer-esque. Modcloth is just not even fair, by the time I could even remotely consider these dresses they'll probably be sold out. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that is taunted by the tease that is modcloth. To think I only recently started skipping about on modcloth, such a great site. Oh, fabulous taste btw :P


@Amber- I don't think I could give up on Game of Thrones but it did cause a mini breakdown, if I had and could afford a therapist they would have a mess on their hand after every episode. On that note, I did not watch the last two episodes because I knew what was coming. I can feel the waterworks just thinking about it. Modcloth is the T-Rex to my cowardly Lawyer hiding in a loo so to speak, that is if I had a lawyer (lawyer is my bank account/money, huge shock considering what lawyers are like). It is great that a place like modcloth exists but at the same time it is just... *sigh*!


@Mary- Another lady with fabulous taste, what are the odds :P When I saw the dresses were in my size I had to go "Come on! This isn't fair" out loud. Now I know they can fit me? Ah, all hope is lost. Thank you about my babies. Halo (Mr. Black and White) seems very aware that people are talking about his cuteness, he is rubbing against the screen as I type this.


chantilly said...

lol!!! sorry, i just came across your blog... you're hilarious. we have about the same budget for clothes, and even the same credit woes (just replace credit cards with student loans... booo.)

oh also, i love the wire too :)


ShyScout said...

Pshh ModCloth is wayyyy to pricey. But they seem to get away with it since their stuff is so gosh darn cute. I still haven't purchased anything from day I will hit up their sales rack. I really like that teal dress.

I have always wanted a pair of heart shaped glasses. I haven't seen anyone wear them in awhile so I think it is more than ok to rock em :] Great find. Also - LOVE that coat from Target.

Your cats are just too cute. I wish I wasn't allergic to felines :[ Hmph.

Honeysuckelle said...

@Chantilly- Aww, shucks, thank you. I'm so glad you came across my blog, hellooooo new friend! I wish I had a large disposable income to spend on clothes but those days are long gone. Student loans are the pits! I'm so glad to see a fellow 'The Wire' watcher, I didn't watch the show when it was actually on but I'm always behind the curve. *sigh* I will pick up on the show again soon but I know another one of my favorites is approaching a cap in his ass and it makes me a sad :( Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, I always get so happy to see a new face! Yay *does a little jig*


@ShyScout- I agree with you on the modcloth, charging extra because of the cuteness factor is just not even fair. I hate when I come across something I really like and see that it is $50+, I just don't have that type of money for a regular outfit... especially considering I have a closet full of clothes. I really have a soft spot for dresses too, I wish my wardrobe was all dresses. Ho-hum, maybe one day.

A few years back I was shopping with a friend and picked up a pair of heart shaped sunglasses and she gave me shit about them so I pouted and left the store empty handed. Never again, I like my Lolita glasses. Thank you about the Target coat, I love shopping the clearance section at Target! Target and I have a pretty serious love affair, it's been years of loyal service, I think I'm in love.

I'm so sorry to hear about the cat allergy, my boyfriend found out recently he has a cat allergy (he has really bad allergies/nose plumbing - that was gross lol) but he suffers through it. Thanks about mah kitteh's, Halo jumped up on the desk and pawed at the screen, I think someone is flattered ^-^.

Thanks so much for the comment!


Valeria said...

Cool pics!!! xoxo


Honeysuckelle said...

@Valeria- Thank you.


wait until the sunset said...

omg I feel your modcloth pain- whyyyyy are yoou so beautiful and sooo expensive?!?!

And crying into your pasta? I the crazy, it's good for your skin and I'm sure the bin had it coming anyway.

$21!!!! Awesome!!!! You really couldn't have not bought it- it would be a crime not to buy it!!

(and totally get the credit card thing- just don't it!! I'd love to go back to my 20 year old self and tell her to back the fu*k away from the online shopping!)

Honeysuckelle said...

@Wait until the Sunset - I wish I had the ability to make cute things like modcloth does because I'd share my creations with everyonne. I'd be the Robin Hood of cute dresses, figures I lack the dress making talent. The bin definitely had it coming, the steam too but I couldn't grab onto it! Grr.

I know right, $21 for a winter coat is too good of a deal to pass up! I bought so many things when I was younger and I don't have many of them left, I spent all the money and have nothing to show for it. Well not nothing I have a few necklaces and pairs of shoes I never wear but I'd quite prefer a house to put those things in. I've been relatively good since then though.

Thanks for commenting! I always look forward to your comments.


Dollythe THE DOLL. said...

Those Modcloth dresses are a-amazing!

Ria :) said...

ohh ur cats are soo cute, your blog is just lovellyyyy, i will be visiting again very soon :)

Honeysuckelle said...

Aren't they? I keep staring at them and sighing, me wants but me can't afford them. Great taste Dolly the Doll! <3Honeysuckelle

Honeysuckelle said...

Awws, thank you. I will make sure and tell my kitties you said so, they love having admirers (don't we all). Thank you as well about my blog, I was smiling so big when I read this comment. I hope you do visit again soon and thanks again! <3Honeysuckelle

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

omg, your cats are SOOOOO CUTE!! I die! lol. :P

Honeysuckelle said...

Hehe thank you. The first time I met them (they were originally my boyfriends) I literally screamed, such precious kitties. <3Honeysuckelle

Laura Go said...

Modcloth is totally out of my price range-- especially their dresses, but they are so super cute! I hope to be able to get more practice sewing so I can just whip a dress out for myself one day! ONE DAY!

My friends have recommended The Wire before, but I just don't know if I can immerse myself in that kind of drama. I still have to watch GOT, but if they're anything like the books, then I'm sure I'll get super tired of them quickly.

And uhm... your kitties are just adorable! So freaking adorable!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Honeysuckelle said...

I wish I had the ability to sew, I know practice would definitely help but I can't afford a sewing machine and hand sewn is definitely not gonna happen with these fat fingers. I'd love to create my very own personal modcloth type dress for myself. Your skirts are gorgeous so I'm sure you would do well with dresses. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that drools over modcloth but knows it is pretty much unattainable price wise.

'The Wire' is definitely an intense show, I still haven't picked up from the episode I left off on because I just can't do it yet. Game of Thrones was really good, I haven't read the books, I did however cry a lot (buckets worth) watching the show.

Hehe thanks about my kitties.

Deidre said...

Your kitties are so cute!

I have only seen a couple episodes of the wire and it was like season 3 or something so I was quite lost. But I've heard good things.

Today I cried during Ellen, true story. No, I am not proud. It was just mother flippin' touching, yo.

Dial V for Vintage said...

So true, why is there so much pretty stuff out there! I'm constanty drooling over all kinds of dresses but then I look at the price and I think: "yeah, maybe not..."

You can't have too many coats, I mean, it's the most essential piece of clothing during the colder seasons. All people can see on the streets is your coat, so it has to be a lovely one! Or two, or three ;).

Lola said...

Oh the dresses are amazing, reminds me of the same program too! !X

Arielle said...

I remember reading this post but I guess I forgot to comment? I don't know. It's weird. Twilight Zone stuff(but not really). Anyways, that meal looks great! Kudos to you for cooking that! haha You know I feel your ModCloth pain. I have some debt from student loans and stuff that I can't even get approved for a credit card....or a Target/Walmart card...anything! I doubt I will ever buy anythng from ModCloth. When I see bloggers wearing dresses from there and it doesn't say "courtesy of or c/o" I'm always like "Dang, did they actually pay that much for that?" Glad I'm not the only one whose poor :p

Thick Threads said...

i feel the same wrath for mod cloth, what the deuce? do they NEED so much awesome stuff ? i dont know, i JUST dont know...i havent started watching the wire, but I do like to use the word "whacked" with extra emphasis on the "H" for old timey sakes as well as "capped" good times...

Have fun on your vacation! where are you guys going? a girl always nees heartshaped glasses and as many coats as boyfriend actually asked me the same exact question this week when i told him i need a new jacket "how many jackets do you need, dont you already have more than one?" *sigh* boys...

anywhoo darlin hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Honeysuckelle said...

Thank you, my kitties got danced with today, they weren't happy about it.

It is definitely a good show just a bit hard to watch because everything is so serious.

Aww, I like Ellen's show. Mother flippin' touching stories will make the tears flow though. What was the story? I'm not up for most daytime television... yes, I'm lazy.


Honeysuckelle said...

I've heard that modcloth has good sales every now and then but I always seem to miss them, half of the things I covet would have to be at least 50% off and just pfft at the high prices for cuteness - that is always the case isn't it?

See, I'm glad other people understand the need for multiple coats. Sometimes I wear my pajamas or workout wear under my cute coat and still can feel fierce.

Thanks for commenting and validating my need for more coats hehe :)


Honeysuckelle said...

Oh, dreamy dresses, dreamy dresses! I want to write some 1950's pop music about them, they're so pretty and unattainable.

Thanks for the comment love!


Honeysuckelle said...

I do that all the time, it usually takes me weeks to realize it. I'll re-read the post and then not see my icon and go "wtf, I could have sworn I replied". It makes me wonder what I'm ACTUALLY doing with all this time that I think I'm doing something else with... very twilight zone. DoDodeeDodoDoDO!

Thank you about the meal, I recommend it, I made it again this week with carrots and still very yum. The other good thing about it is I use one pan so less clean up afterwards.

I can't get approved for credit cards either, sometimes I apply for them just for giggles and I'm always denied. Always *wah*! Nah, it barely gets to me anymore.


Honeysuckelle said...

Seriously, spread that cute love modcloth, geez. That reminds me, I should see if their selling any modcloth stuff on ebay at a discounted price (I doubt it). Haha whhhhacked is a good one, it sounds comical when you emphasize the H. Capped is a good one too, I use it a little too much. "I capped the laundry today" for instance.

Thank you! We are going to Florida and hopefully stopping in Savannah, Georgia & Charleston, South Carolina along the way.

I'm a total heart shaped glasses convert now, I need them in every color/pattern! It is my new religion, the religion of heart shaped glasses. Boys don't understand. My boyfriend has one coat, one pair of boots, two pairs of pants, and that is what he basically wears every day. We ladies like more variety.


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