Saturday, January 14, 2012
Hello, it is me, the sense maker. Not to be confused with the fresh maker, those things are full of life, P.S - his suit looked ridiculous (Old, Mentos Commercial, for those who do not get the reference).

So, yes, I AM starting another sentence in this semi-secretive blog (ninja blog) with "so". You know what I'm going to say next... I regret... yes, you got it *pats head*. I'd give you a lollipop but I ate them all :( I lie, I have no lollipops, anyone have a lollipop? I'll play a guessing game for a lollipop! SO, I had to post because I'm so excited *skips in place while clapping* I went thrifting today! Now, I've been in a thrift store before but never had left with a successful bounty. I was on a mission to find jeans, specifically dark wash jeans because I only had one lowly pair of jeans prior to my outing and I pretty much hate the way I look in them. I also didn't want to have drag my boyfriend along and end up spending $40-$60 on one pair of jeans. A little side note, I don't really love wearing pants/jeans, but is easier to climb on things (like peoples couches or fences outside Government buildings) when your legs are covered. It is just a little thing I've noticed, unless you don't mind showing your butt, which you probably don't because you probably have a nice one. Oh yeah, there she is cheese creep louise. I'm totally kidding, don't get creeped out and think I'm hitting on you and then never read my ninja blog again.

I also found a great three quarter length white eyelet skirt, my ass has outgrown my old eyelet skirt so I needed a replacement model. I'm quite pleased with my purchases, both of the jeans were $7.25 and the skirt was $5.99. I tried on a black blazer that I liked but it was a bit snug in the arms, it also didn't button around my boobs but they have some agreement that I'm not allowed to have jackets fit around them. Back about jeans shopping though, does anyone else get major anxiety at the prospect of going to look for jeans? I absolutely hate trying on jeans and as a plus sized lady, I've noticed that the sizes/fit of jeans seem to vary big time, even at the same store. I literally have pants ranging from 4 different sizes and every single one have a drastically different fit. Part of the reason I am so chipper today is because I tried on jeans, they all fit, and the ones that fit best are the smallest size I can currently wear. Another one of my jean problems is, I always want the expensive jeans, always. Also, I am fond of the back flap pockets because I have no ass and I very rarely find a pair under $50.00. Back flap pockets come at a price it seems, that's what she said. Sweet baby hey-zeus, how many times can I mention ass in one post? But anywho I'm pleased with the jeans I found, they are a bit snug in the waist but all of my other pants are too loose so give and take. I actually went to two separate thrift stores, I preferred the first one which is odd because the second one was huge, like Mormon church huge.

Okay, maybe it wasn't quite this big but everything was arranged by color and somewhat type of clothing but not by size, I found it a bit daunting searching through every single thing. I think it makes more sense to arrange by size and type of clothing but that is just me.

I also organized my closet a little and pissed off Halo in the process because every tank top strap somehow ended up on his face... I don't know how that happened.  I'm trying to come up with outfit ideas for my upcoming vacay and it is a large task because I have to account for something like 15 outfits. Anyone have any vacation outfit ideas for someone who doesn't show their legs or arms? I'm quite proud of myself though, I did almost everything I planned to do today, that rarely happens in slacker land.

'The Debt' arrived in the mail from Netflix today. I am really looking forward to watching it.

I have to share THIS post from Margaret Cho, it is really is an amazing read and honestly had me in tears.

Oh, I almost forgot, my blog turns one year old on the 19th! Even though my blog is in ninja mode I plan on celebrating the occasion with a bottle of wine. "You don't like wine ninja blog? Oh that's ok, it won't go to waste." I sound like an alcoholic but I'm really not, I drink maybe once a month (if that) but don't tell anyone, I need some excuse for this behavior.

Lastly, I want to share some sets I've made on polyvore because I've been a bit addicted the past 2 days. Have a great weekend and please, I need help with my vacation outfits! Tips, give me the tips. JUST THE TIP (Archer reference). One last thing, I am so sick of seeing weight loss commercials. Why is it that the diet industry gets bigger and so do people? The industry does so well because it feeds off insecurities and failure, I'm just saying.

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Arielle said...

First of all-You hit on me and I'm never reading your blog again.

Secondly-You're an alcoholic.

Third-I just wear cardigans over everything and I always feel more covered and comfortable.

Courtney Erin said...

I love the outfits you designed - especially the zipper shorts, yowza! And I can almost never find blazers that button over the chest...I've just accepted that I always be buying ones that fit everywhere else and that I just don't button. And I'm looking forward to watching The Debt tonight too.


Honeysuckelle said...

@Arielle- "Come on girl, don't be like that", I can't count how many times I've heard that said. But I'm cutting back like Don Draper, only three whiskeys at work. I worship at the temple of Cardigan myself, in my ideal closet I'd have a row of cardigans in every color and embellishment. I can picture it *swoon*


@Courtney- Thank ya, I wish I could actually wear or afford half of the outfits I put together on polyvore. One day I shall wear shorts without the shame of my legs again. They are really fabulous shorts aren't they! This outfit would look gorgeous on you, you have the figure. Phew, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has the unbutton blazer problem, if I can button the blazer it doesn't fit anywhere else. Maybe I should go back for that blazer or keep shopping around... hmm. My boyfriend and I watched 'The Debt' last night, it was really good! Jessica Chastain was wonderful in it. Let me know if you liked the movie!


Laura Go said...

Just the tip. and you've totally transported me back to last week where I just watched that specific episode. Cheryl? Crystal? What's she going by these days?

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Honeysuckelle said...

@Laura Go- Haha, yeah Cheryl and her ever changing name is such an odd ball, I'm thinking she is going to go by Chernobyl here soon. I haven't watched any of the new episodes yet, my boyfriend and I always tend to watch shows after they've been on DVD so we can watch all the episodes in succession. I love 'Archer' though, it is so wrong and hysterical.


Megan said...

Love these outfits you put together - and I definitely smiled when I read "the fresh maker" and saw that photo :) Have a great day!

Thick Threads said...

I love your collages. i love the 2nd one i think the collor coordination is what did it. black and pink, cant pass that up, even though black and green is pretty awesome too. Hey congrats on finding amazing pants! yeah pants! go pants! its their birthday! go pants! no wait its your blogs birthday awesome congrats on doing it for a year yay!! :)) ill eat some cake in your name er your blogs name! whatevs! also, is that a mormon temple? and do you check twitter? sometimes i reply to your comments on there but i think youre either ingnoring my weird self or youre too cool for me, which is cool i dont care, i high five myself..its cool :D


Honeysuckelle said...

@Megan- Thank you, polyvore is like playing dress up with barbies on the interwebs, I just love that site. Clueless was a fabulous movie. I hope you have a great day as well <3


@TT- Aww, no, I'm not ignoring you on twitter I'm just not very good with twitter and I'm not on it very often but I will check and reply pronto. It is ridiculous how many items I've clipped on polyvore, just pages and pages of the worlds most gorgeous stuff I will never afford, ho-hum.

I pretty much love black plus any color but there is something so magical about black and pink, especially hot tamale pink. You said it sista! Party pants, partay for the pants, partay in the pants! Always a yay for Cake.

Yes, that is a Mormon church/temple/whatever it is in the Washington, DC metro area. I've been there once to look at Christmas decorations, we weren't allowed to go inside the rooms just the foyer, that was decorated. Sorry again for the twitter slack.


ShyScout said...

Haha I love reading your posts. It is always good for a giggle. I hate jean shopping too so I have sworn them off almost completely. The sizes are always different and then I get all panicked about it and they cost so much, sheesh. I am so bad at packing for trips I honestly just throw in half my closet the night before and hope for the best. Love your outfit combos - I need a good pair of black wedges.

Honeysuckelle said...

@ShyScout- D'aww, thank you, I'm glad I make someone giggle. I felt the exact same way about jeans, I would get so stressed out trying them on that I just said screw it and didn't buy any for the longest time. The sizes are always drastically different, how do they come up with these sizes?! Lordy loo! I'll probably end up packing way more than necessary, my boyfriend already told me he refuses to have more than 2 bags so I already know I have a limit. Wah. I need a good pair of wedges too, I'm so glad they are in style right now.


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