Thursday, April 30, 2015

I am back from Vegas and yesterday was my 30th birthday. I always feel a little melancholy after vacation and also around my birthday so I have to admit, yesterday and the day before were a bit tough. Lots of junk food and quite a few tears. I'm doing better today though, just trying to fight the urge to take a nap. That time difference and the fact that Vegas operates wayy later than most cities has left my husband and I really tired - and the walking! We did so much m effin' walking, I literally broke a record on moves and my phone did not work in half of the casinos and my husband and I were lost in many a casino. All the casinos/hotels were massive and a bit confusing, especially with some margarita in your system - my husband tried to go out a fire exit about 3 times. What gets me about it too is when I was like "you can't go out the fire exit?" he was like "but it's an exit". Someone wanted to get arrested in Vegas... that someone was not me. 

We went to Freemont St, saw some exhibits at the Luxor, went to the Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay, saw the fountain, picked up the pace when a homeless man started yelling at "Terry" in his book bag, saw the volcano at the Mirage, saw many a sky jumper at the Stratosphere, and spent the majority of our money on alcohol and drinks (fridges, Vegas, fridges!).

To round off this post, here is a few pictures of my drunk ass at the Venetian waiting for my husband to get out of the bathroom.

Why couldn't I have gone towards the gondolas and took a picture? Well... there were people there and I was drunk and didn't want to make that second face in front of them. 


Wait Until The Sunset said...

Happpppyyy birthday!!! It looks like you had an awesome time! Its my birthday next Saturday! But I wish I was going to Vegas, the best! x

Honeysuckelle said...

Thank you LIV! I had a pretty good time, I walked a tonnnnn but those places that sell margaritas everywhere are AWESOME. Happy Early Birthday!

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