Thursday, July 2, 2015
I finally saw 'Jurassic World', my husband and I had planned on seeing it in 3D but then we got there, bought the tickets, and then the theater was down. However, we just saw a later showing and I got to explore a fancy-shmacy grocery store nearby (I was really tempted by some midnight brownie cookies but I couldn't bring myself to spend $4.99 on a tiny bag). I remember seeing the first movie in a crowded theater when I was a little kid, we sat in the two front seats with my mom and stepdad and my brother and I basically had to sit on the floor. I liked Jurassic World but not as much as I liked Jurassic Park. I'm going to buy it when it comes out either way. Also Chris Pratt is yummy, like really yummy, I don't mean that in an edible way (dinosaurs might think so... but not I).

I tried to dress Dino themed but I realized I had no clothing or accessories that are dino themed. BOO, you whore. I need to work on that. So I improvised and wore a lip shirt to improve my visible tastiness to dinosaurs all around (I'm making that up, I just liked the shirt and just recently bought it) and lots of green accessories (of which you can't see in any of my pictures but... I did). I even wore my galaxy chic palette in asteroid, comet, and meteor as a nod so to speak. 

I will be doing a current post soon but I figured a Clever Girl post was necessary. Rawr.



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