Wednesday, February 16, 2011
So this reality stick I mention, It would basically be like a magic wand (yes, I said it, MAGIC WAND) that once a person is smacked with it they magically come down to earth and quit whatever unrealistic thing they were partaking in before that and then would utter the phrase "oh, that was silly, thank beejeebles for that reality stick inventor." We're all naive, unrealistic, or dreamy at times and I mean this is coming from someone who forgets what day of the week it is almost daily - I'm not kidding, about 10 minutes ago I seriously had to check whether it was Wednesday or Thursday. I'm still suspicious of this implication that it is Wednesday, hmmm.

Mustacho dude from 'Real Estate Intervention'
What sparked this conversation is my excessive stalking of Redfin on the search for houses and in the search to be a bit of a peeper into other peoples decor. Often, I myself need to be smacked with the reality stick, for example I have an entire folder labeled "Houses to keep eye on price" (look at that word usage, mmm) and most of the houses within that folder are a good $30,000 plus out of our price range. BUT I wouldn't seriously try and go bid on those houses, I just like to fantasize that they will significantly lower their price and in this market it does happen from time to time but rarely does it happen with my favorite houses and it happens even less with homes with dream kitchens - boo. I watch too many of those HGTV real estate shows and there is one with a mustacho clad dude who always has to politely tell people "you're being unrealistic" which he never really says. He just has reality smack them in the face by having them view homes that have sold and homes that do get positive feedback. I personally would have a hard time not going "Um clean and de-clutter your house and lower your damn price, it is not that complicated."

I mean I really want to shout at the listings, if you want your house to sell and want people to look at your house, include pictures in the listing, I never understand the lack of pictures. During my house search I have even looked at homes that had limited or confusing pictures in the listing that were much nicer in person and I never understand it. The lack of pictures makes it seem like it is going to be a lot worse (like in the movie 'Jumanji' when the house became the amazon jungle inside with crocodiles and a water way)  than it probably is. Granted some houses definitely used pictures to their advantage because than you get there and realize there is a softball sized hole in the bathroom floor. Or another pet peeve of mine is when people include the oddest assortment of pictures, why would a close up picture of someones banister reel me in? Why is leaving your kids toys everywhere the best impression to leave? I mean shove that shit in a closet, it's not that hard, not the banister - that would be hard to do.

Now I must say, I'm a sucker for two things that absolutely do not matter at all in home pictures and those things are: pumpkins! I seriously love pumpkins, they remind me of fall and if the are placed lovingly on the front porch/stoop/what have you of a house I instantly like the house more. If I could, I would seriously do my own version of 'Groundhog Day' where I just live out the month of October over and over again. I LOVE Fall, the love I have for Autumn cannot be described in words. It is silly though when I think about it because I mean the pumpkin doesn't come with the house and I could purchase a pumpkin to place in front of any house I end up choosing. So yes, it is silly.

The second thing is when home listings include pictures of someones pet, I can't help it, I see a cute picture of a dog or cat and I'm like "aww" and consider the house that much more. But see yet again, it is silly because it is not as if the pet comes with the house. My boyfriend and I have looked at homes and I have actually felt guilty for not choosing a house because there was a really cute and friendly cat that greeted me (and in one instance a neighborhood cat actually tried to jump in my lap as I was getting in my car). Another for instance, there was this house (cute house that has now sold) that had a picture of the homes dining room and in the corner a cat sleeping in a basket, every single time I looked at the listing I pointed out the cat in the basket to my boyfriend who shook his head and went "Uh huh, cat not included."

I really had a point here, I think my main point is house searches are filled with questions. I cannot wait to start looking at houses again, this time our looking will be more serious but I have to wait until the family drama smooths over before I can even plan on looking again. I'm just hoping by the time we get around to being able to look at homes again, that all the house we are interested in haven't sold. Is anyone out there looking for their first home? Or just recently bought a home/condo/townhouse? Or want to share real estate gripes and stories of real estate adventures?

Oh and of course, the reality stick would work for situations outside of home stuff.

Halo watching 'Ninja Assassin'
Yesterday evening the boyfriend, cats, and I all watched 'Ninja Assassin' which we all enjoyed (Hero ignored).

Today I went through the fridge and cabinets, I go into the kitchen here (of which I share with my two other roommates excluding my boyfriend) probably less than everyone else but decided to finally throw stuff out (I even came prepared with latex gloves) and I almost barfed. I swear we're not dirty ragamuffins (no one in the house is really THAT dirty), I just personally forget what we buy! I think I have decided once and for all, I am no longer buying perishable items while I live here. I don't expect other people to throw out anyone elses stuff but if it is clearly no longer edible, throw it out, it just making it gross for everyone else. Same should go for everyone. I know I'm part of that problem but why can't it just be a house rule to keep the kitchen tidy for the better good of everyone, ya know like one person cleans one week and another person cleans the next. When I first moved here, I use to clean my ass off (mopped floors, vacuumed entire house, cleaned kitchen, organized, etc) but after awhile it just seemed unfair because no one else did so I stopped and it still bugs me because now no one ever really cleans. Ah roommate crap. I just cannot wait for Jason and I to be in our own place so at least then the only people I can get annoyed with over the mess is the cats, him, and myself. I mean I already do that but ya know.

I really want to look at houses again. For awhile there we were going every (or every other) weekend. I miss it.


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