Tuesday, February 15, 2011
I apologize for the delay from blog land. I feel like I've been up to so much and yet I'm having a hard time recalling what I have been up to.

The weekend before last, my boyfriend and I visited our friend Rowan and her lovely family, I absolutely adore them (love, love, love). We sat around and talked, goofed off, and discussed Lush products in great detail. Rowan and her son Cody were nice enough to give me some of the stuff they ordered even though I kept politely declining the offer. I am dying to use the bath bomb but we don't have an accessible bath. I cannot wait for an accessible bath. The one Cody gave me is called Fizzy-O-Therapy and the scent is to die for.

I finally finished the 'Deadwood' series, I think I kept putting it off because I didn't really want it to end. Why do they always cut the best ones short? Why don't more people discover these great shows and quit wasting their time on shitty ones. Anyway I was really hoping that Bullock and Alma would get back together, yes I know he was married and that would be wrong but his marriage was more of an obligation than a real love. His wife seemed like a nice lady but... oh I'm sick of trying to justify my reasons haha I'm just a dirty perv who wanted to see more of their sex scenes, I seriously made the creepiest face while watching their sex scene. It looked a little like Ray staring at the portrait of Vigo in 'Ghostbusters 2'.

Look I'm not proud of my creep o'sex scene look but at least I acknowledge my creepy look and that is the first step to... um not doing it next time?

I love the drive to Row's, we take this scenic route past little towns with antique shops and little stands that sell peanut brittle and fruit in the Spring and Summer. I keep meaning to take pictures but by the time I remembered to take a picture, we were already half way there and on the bridge and I couldn't get a clear shot. I really wish my boyfriend and I could afford to live around that area, it is just beautiful.

Over the last week and half, I've had some job drama and been dragged into some family drama, none of which were all that fun so I'll leave most details out. Basically, I was a personal assistant for a few days but she turned out to be a little too much to handle and I decided it wasn't in either of our best interest to continue the working relationship. She was a tad mean, confusing, and disrespectful to me and my gentle, anxiety prone soul could not take it. I just hope she sends my check soon.

Back to more good things, I have been dying to find some more nail polish colors. I tend to stick to reds and dark colors and I usually never paint my fingernails because I'm rough on my hands but I do love the way it looks. After reading another blog, I got inspired to try a grayish color so I dragged my boyfriend to the store. I bought a white, a gray, a red, a spunky purplish, and a clear top coat. I quite like the way it turned out. I can't stop staring at my nails and going "oh so pretty". Instead of my usual routine I did two coats and one coat of clear. That is pretty much the norm but not for me, I usually do one coat and then get distracted by something else.

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry. I really like the color and yes I realize how pale I am. Granted this is with the flash so I look a lot whiter than I actually am. I just love those heart print pajama bottoms too, they were something like $5.00 from Kohl's, although I bought them awhile ago. I'm really into hearts. I have my eye on this pink and black heart print scarf but I keep putting off buying it. I like the way scarves look but I don't tend to keep them on for very long.

Over the weekend I convinced my boyfriend to let me eat ice cream, drink some wine that is basically kool aid with a little booze in it, and watch 'Sex and the City 2' with me. Yes, that was one obnoxiously girl-tastic evening I had planned and he was a good sport (especially since I don't subject him to many of those). I thought the series was much better than the movies but I still watch and own both movies and have seen them numerous times. I had already seen 'Sex and the City 2' when it came out, I actually won tickets to a screening, but I had to watch it again.

We tried a new pizza at one of our favorite pizza places and we were both a little disappointed, it was a little too soggy and messy although the ingredients tasted super fresh.

Tony's fries, they do have some really tasty fries. Nothing beats a good fry.
Messy pizza with arugula, Parmesan cheese, and prosciutto.

The weather has been nice the last few days, especially compared to the below freezing temperatures it had been, the last few days it has hovered around 45 to 50 degrees. So of course I could not wait to wear some of my cute dresses although I kept seeming to get a lot of dirty looks in the process. I wasn't sure if it was because they thought I was crazy for wearing a skirt in February, because I have really pale legs, or because yes I admit it - I have some cellulite? I kind of wanted to attack them like a raging puma because I was already upset over the family drama but I controlled thy self.

For Valentine's Day my boyfriend and I went to 'The Cheesecake Factory'. I ordered a shirley temple (because I love them) and commented "yes I know most people that order those are 7 years old", put a bib on (didn't want to ruin my pretty purple dress), and was overly excited and prepared for my dessert. I have been eating the most unhealthy food as of lately, I need to uh take a breather from the fattening food for a bit but first I shall share pictures of delicious, fatty food.

I couldn't wait to eat one of my cherries.
Boyfriends white chicken chili.
Crusted chicken romano *shakes head* Fatty.
Andd my favorite, I love their strawberry shortcake. The shortcake is so good, nomnomnom.

After way too much food we walked around the mall a bit and I bought a really cute blue and white tank top from Old Navy. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted, I want too much! Our cashier was awesome, I wanted to be his b.f.f - he was just so cheerful and funny. I think the tank is actually a little too big, even though I tried it on and it fit fine, I wore it today and it felt a little too big.

My boyfriend said it looks like a china pattern.

I sold a few things on ebay, two of the things sold for a good price and I shipped it all out today. I am proud of my productivity today: I vacuumed the entire basement, some of the stairs, folded laundry, did laundry, and cleaned a bunch of other stuff including all the door handles - I like a clean door handle.

I'm really hoping the family drama will blow over soon, I plan on going up to visit my mom later this week. I want to go out dancing this weekend, I have not been dancing in a long time and I LOVE to dance. I really hope my check comes soon from the personal assistant fiasco. I hope everyone else had a good Valentine's Day. I keep meaning to post pictures of my outfits but I continuously forget to or by the time I remember it is dark out, my hair is all messed up, and I've spilled something on myself. I have been braiding my hair when it is wet everyday and then taking it out the following day, I love the way it looks and think I'm going to keep that look up.

I'm so excited for Spring! I keep searching for looks I want to prance about in. I leave you with, again, a picture of one of my cats.

Picture of my cuddle bug from this morning.


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