Friday, February 25, 2011
I feel like a kid who had too much sugar and ran around the room and then passed out with a crayon dangling vicariously from nostril. Or for a more visual demonstration, I provide you with Gir from Invader Zim.

I'm beat after very little sleep, elevated blood pressure from pure frustration and anger over the last few days, and a lot of cardio from today(uhm, shopping). It was also windy as all hell today, very Auntie Em-esque wind, it almost knocked my hefty ass down a few times so nature gave her own workout. I'm so glad I decided to wear pants or someone woulda seen my draws'.

Anywho, I had been struggling in agony to receive payment for the personal assistant fiasco, after text messages and emails were leaving me with empty promises or nothing (I really hate talking on the phone, it is especially hard for me to do) I decided it had been long enough (two weeks of bs) so I called her up and she said to come over. I get there and pick up payment without even looking at the check, which I opened as I zoomed away, and noticed it was $95.00 short *takes a big gulp of wine* Yes, a full $95.00 I worked for, gone for no apparent or given reason. So now what do I do? Bother her for another two weeks for the money she swindled me out of? I'd like to say yes but I'm just so sick of it all I just want to give up and take another big ol' gulp of my wine. $95.00 is a decent chunk of money. But anywho (yes, again, I like that word...) that is why I was so angry all week. I was quite a gem for a few special moments, mainly it was to myself and a little to my poor boyfriend. I got really snarky about Taco Bell at one point, I was just mad at the world including thy self.

The weekend wasn't too bad, I find it funny that it took me until this weekend to comment on the last weekend. I went out to a club (an old haunt) with my friend Summer. We goofed off, almost got knocked down from this epic wind, drank a little, danced a little, and got hit on a little (of course I forgot my fake me out engagement ring, I went to point at it and realized I was pulling a blank, pale finger). The hit on crew ogled my ass almost the entire night and it was really annoying, I'll be honest, my ass is not my best attribute so I am always shocked when it gets ogled.

My little sister was sick when I visited my mom briefly, she rarely gets sick and she was violently ill - I felt really bad for her. Luckily she is feeling completely better now. I felt sick the rest of the night after seeing her violent display of illness. I also got to meet the new kitties, the kitten is so tiny, and the white cat has the loveliest blue eyes. They both have some vet appointments for the ol' goodbye ball, and other alignments they picked up from living on (basically) a cat farm. I hope they get better.

Besides that the boyfriend and I had a lazy weekend, we played a lot of scrabble! I seriously love scrabble, it is one of the only things in my entire life I get competitive about - and I'm generally pretty good at it. Not to suggest I'm the Bobby Fisher of scrabble but I can hold my own. I beat the boyfriend 3 out of 4 times. We also watched some 'Spartacus: Gods of the Arena', 'Invader Zim', and some really awesome shows about artifacts and mummy identification in Egypt. I really want some canopic jars, sans organs of course. My boyfriend kept making fun of me because I kept calling them "canopie" jars.
Rice bowls.

Grilled chicken sesame roll.
The boyfriend and I had Pho last weekend, my boyfriend did not enjoy it but he is a very picky eater - my only real complaint was that my stomach felt at unrest for days afterward. I can be sensitivo to some cooking oils or too much oil. I don't know, that is my theory.

Last weekend the boyfriend and I also did a little shopping! I got a red exercise ball that I love bouncing on, it is a shame our carpets in the basement we rent are so ick nasty because I won't lay on it to do some of the exercises they suggest. I use my shake weight and bounce on the ball at the same time and it is a lot of fun. I also got a black cardigan, black and white polka dot pajama shorts, and 'Heathers' the 20th High School Reunion edition - which come to find out is exactly like the other copy I own. Oh well, anyone want a copy of 'Heathers'? Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling!

The week has been rather uneventful, more stressful than anything else. I've been getting by though.

Today I did a little shopping, my original plan was to just go to AC Moore to find these really amazing little fragrance pouch things because our basement has had the faint smell of old lady lately. My roommate had bought one and had it in the kitchen and every time I walked by I said "god that smells good, I really need some of those." They were a bargain too, only $.99 each! I got four but I wish I had just taken their entire visible inventory, they smell like a hybrid of a strawberry smoothie, a fruit flavored lollipop, and sweet candy at the same time without being overpowering or dying down too fast. That may not be the best description but the scent is labeled pomegranate and doesn't smell too artificial. They come highly suggested and for $.99 who can beat that. Smells better than a lot of the air fresheners I come across, personally.

Well after A.C Moore, I decided to go to this used bookstore that also sells dvds, cds, records, and tapes. I was in there for awhile. I love buying dvds, it is a dirty little habit of mine. I think I have upwards of 400 now. I love looking at books too but the store is set up in such a confusing manner I usually give up after one or two authors. I ended up with three cds, 4 dvds, and one book. Not bad for under $25.00!

Then, at the suggestion of other blogs I've read, I went into a thrift store to see what they had to offer. I have to say I was completely disappointed, very little selection and very ugly stuff at that - I know it's about searching for the diamond in the rough but it didn't seem to yield any diamond. I did see a creepy puppet and 80's wedding dress though.

Then I decided to go to Old Navy. Damn you Old Navy, damn you. I use to be so loyal to Old Navy, they rarely let me down and I always seemed to leave with something but for awhile there I had no interest in anything they were selling, but they seem to have come around this Spring season. I found a ton of things I liked and actually tried on many a item (I hate trying on clothes). I generally have the fit issue of my boobs and hips.

I ended up with a pink dress, coral rose colored tank top, and a white and blue striped shirt. Love my finds. I'll post pictures later, I'm really exhausted. I'm sorry I can never shut my big mouth! Have a good weekend!


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