Friday, September 16, 2011

9/16/2011 Wishlist9/16/2011 Wishlist by honeysuckelle featuring post earrings

Is there ever truly an end to what one wants? Even when they have a closet bar that always falls down from the excessive weight of all the things they have hanging up (which is sadly only half of my wardrobe, clearly this hasn't happened to me or anything... *shifts eyes*). I have more folded, stuffed in suitcases, and strewn around places. If I had to organize my clothes all by color, black would surpass all the rest by a long shot, I'm sure that isn't a rarity to have a lot of black items but as you can tell, I always want more. Lace, polka dots, stripes - I can't get enough. Don't even get me started on my jewelry, which is also in abundance.

Sometimes I feel like I'd be better off just getting rid of everything I don't absolutely love or that I've had over a certain amount of years (I have some things from 2004, seriously I do. Some of it fits, some of it is in good condition - others just... you can imagine).

I have an entire bag of clothes that are too small/not to my liking anymore that I need to get rid of, I know I have more that also need to jump into this bag, but I have yet to have the strength to break it off with these items. I don't want to lug all this stuff to a new place (whenever that happens... feels like centuries from now) so I probably should get around to that soon. If I posted a picture of my closet, jewelry collection, purses, and shoes it would be a mighty long entry. I guess the point of this mini-rant is, How much is too much?

Oh, how about I just blame the companies for having too many gorgeous things for me to covet, mmhmm, sounds like a plan (I'm joking of course).


Thick Threads said...

thats right! sue them! sue them all! damn companies hipnotizing us with their oh so amazing things! lol im on your side haha. I have so much crap! but i love it all..i recently donated a whole bunch ( not nearly all of it...which i should do) and it was hard letting go but in the end i totally dont even miss it cuz i never wore it in the first place. youll feel much better once you do it, and there can never be enough of black clothes! pfff what? never even heard of such a thing...too many black clothes...silly! :)


Courtney Erin said...

I'm with you - black dominates my wardrobe and I am totally fine with that! And I seriously want all of's all so dark and pretty.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Dial V for Vintage said...

Black is beautiful and you can never get enough of it! Lovely things on your wishlist! :)

Honeysuckelle said...

@Thick Threads - Yeah, we stand together against the companies and their gorgeous products! How daaaare they, now they can give us all said products, thank you :)

I agree, I do really need to get rid of it, I never wear it and maybe someone could get good use out of it. I'm always one to say there is never enough black clothing in ones wardrobe. Thanks so much for commenting as always pretty lady.

@Courtney, I love black - it goes with everything and anything and it matches my soul (not really but ya know). I'm mighty fond of these wishlist items myself, if I only had the money to snatch them all up.

@Dial V for Vintage, Thanks so much for commenting, your blog is so lovely. I firmly agree, they make the darks cycle on the washer for a reason - because it is the best color. I'm just coming up with reasons now haha.

wait until the sunset said...

oohh fabulous tights! They might just have to go on my lust list too! :)

Honeysuckelle said...

@Wait until the sunset- I know, I love this fierce tight trend right now. I'm hoping this trend never dies. My only issue is so many tights are uncomfortable in various ways and I actually haven't tried any of these to find out how they fit. If you do, let me know.

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