Wednesday, September 21, 2011
No, seriously we do have cookies - they had a coupon at Costco. I mean I didn't actually use the coupon but it is the thought that counts? Tell that to the $2.00 I could have saved. I'm officially cookie'd out, they sell a tub that can make 80 cookies and we haven't even ate half that. I thought I would never say "I'm sick of cookies" but it has happened, mark this day in your calender.

Enough about the cookies, jeez.

Silly picture I took in my pajamas last week, I was really just focused on my hair cape.

Last night my boyfriend and I (mostly my boyfriend, I supervised with cookies. Let's play a game, take a shot every time I say "cookies") rooted through our boxes. We've never officially moved our stuff out of boxes and doubt we will until we get our own place. Anyway he was searching for my copy of 'The Lost Boys', I use to watch that movie over and over again as a little girl, I think there was (not sure why I'm using the past tense since I'd still pretty much go for it) maybe two men in the entire movie I didn't want to marry. We didn't find my DVD :( but I have my dvds currently in three separate places so watching "saxy" moves will have to be postponed, till then there is always youtube.

I found my Halloween costume, you are looking at it above. Now, must make cardboard saxophone.

I did rediscover some stuff in our boxes I had somewhat forgot about including my Living Dead Doll, one of my domo's whom I put a cat mask on, some Hello Kitty pencils, and this journal that I luff. I have a thing for collecting journals/diaries, although I don't write in my diary anymore, this blog has kinda become my un-official and less tawdry diary. Anyone else had a diary they kept up pretty regularly? I have an entire diary I wrote from just 2006-2007, I wrote pretty often then but I was going through a rough patch during that time period. I've had the same half used diary since then.

I leave to go to my mom's house sometime either tonight or tomorrow for our weekend trip to the isle of Manhattan and I'm actually kind of anxious about it, which is funny because my mom told me she was nervous too a few days ago and I was like "Why?" and now I'm experiencing the same nerves. I have the entire anxiety enchilada - the tightening of my chest... the sleepless nights...and the zit from hell!

This zit is reminiscent of Angela Chase's zit in that one episode of 'My So-Called Life', although my reaction to it isn't quite as dramatic however, my results are a bit more dramatic. So I've been washing my face, drinking water, and I put a warm wash cloth on it - well in the process of doing that I used really warm water and now I have this big red blotch in the general area of said zit and it stings. Mmmhmm, I'm so smart, so now I'll probably be prowling the streets of NYC with anxiety and a big red blotch on my cheek. Yay.

Does anyone have any tips on what to do about this blotch? It is driving me nuts.

I still haven't packed for my trip. I have no idea what to wear the second and third day. I've written out a "To Pack" list but clearly some details are missing. Ahhh. I'd like to say I don't usually get this way but I do.

I haven't really been up to much, lots of 'The Sims 3' playing. I go in my spurts with that game. My fiance and I stopped by Target last weekend, we've been waiting to see when they will finally stock their Halloween stuff, they had a few things the last time we were there but not much. We left with this skull bottle opener and skull wine stopper though. I wanted to buy a costume for our cats but my boyfriend is not a "dress up your pets" type of person, I personally find it adorable and it makes me giggle a little too much so I'm all for it. I'm particularly partial to the shark, banana, and dinosaur costumes(could only find a picture of the shark).

This is, yet again, one extremely random entry. It really hasn't been my day in the least, everything has been super stressful and I feel like I need a drink. I really hope I have a fabulous time in NYC and that I have a ton of fabulous pictures and stories to share with you once I get back. I've had some shopping issues I wanted to share with you all but I'm a bit distracted so later I suppose. Wish me zit/blotch, packing, travel, and NYC luck.

The gorgeous Scathingly Brilliant, had a post (while back now?) where she mentioned Swingin' Party by The Replacements, a song and a band I hadn't listened to in awhile - still irreplaceable.


Courtney Erin said...

That might be the most triumphantly awesome Halloween costume ever. EVER!

And I love the reference to the Costco coupon because I am so seriously considering leaving academia to become a full time extreme coupon clipper - seriously, think of all the sweet, sweet savings!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Honeysuckelle said...

Haha I tried to talk my boyfriend into doing that costume but he said no way, boo at him. It really wouldn't be the hardest costume to pull off, if only it was easy to find purple skintight tights like those. Plus ya know the whole topless thing might get me arrested... maybe one of those painted on six packed shirts? This idea gets more and more genius.

Yeah those extreme coupon people are, well I can't think of the most accurate word to describe them but they definitely have a skill. I've helped my mom cut out coupons before, she has saved $50-$75 dollars before with them.

Dial V for Vintage said...

Oh your hair colour is so pretty! It's such a nice shade :).

Honeysuckelle said...

@Dial V for Vintage, thank you - it seems to take on different colors in different lights. It's like chameleon hair!

Thick Threads said...

lol your halloween costume rules! siighhh how i miss celebrating halloween back home. In Europe its just another day, it gets bigger and bigger every year but noone takes it seriously and i always have to literally dig around for a good party...meh.. but im thinking about going as wonder woman, im a comic nerd and super heros rule.shut up dont judge! lol
also I did used to keep a journal i have a full one from when i was in elementary school and one thats half full from jr. high and high school. i have another one where I have some old poetry i wrote back in the journals! :)


p.s. cookies rule.
p.p.s just noticed me in your blog roll! thankssssssss youre awesome. you should have told me so I could have returned the flavor! and favour sooner! :)

Honeysuckelle said...

Haha thank you, now if I actually pull off(actually go through with it) the Halloween costume remains to be seen because I don't think we have any plans thus far - maybe a dinner but I'm not sure if costumes will be included. I find good Halloween parties hard to come by here too, what is the deal? When my fiance and I get our own place I plan on throwing a full stop Halloween party every year.

You'd be a super hot Wonder Woman! You should do it and take pictures. I don't judge at all I love the comic book characters although I never really read much comic books. My fiance has crates full of comic books though!

Oh wow, it must be odd reading journals from when you were such a young age. I always ended up throwing them away but I've kept the ones from 2003 onward, even from that time period I read it and I'm like "what was I thinking?."

Cookies are pretty tasty. I think I could eat a cookie again, that was a quick cookie break lol.

Aww, I should have, I get shy about that sort of thing but I love your blog and you are the awesome sauce!


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