Thursday, September 15, 2011

The last few days I have gone to post and kept stopping for various reasons. I want to say thanks so much for all the positive response on my hair, I was so flattered by the positive comments.

I just got done watching the 'True Blood' season 4 finale and wow, not exactly the most blithesome finale but then if it ended all peppy what would we have to worry and talk about in anticipation for the next season? I don't want to give away too many spoilers but I look forward to a certain someone(s? there were a few actually) returning.

I had a really fabulous weekend, my fiance and I spent Friday evening at the movie theater seeing both 'Don't be Afraid of the Dark' and 'Contagion'. It had been raining almost all day everyday for about 4-5 days last week, it was a bit frustrating looking out the window everyday to rain, this is coming from someone who likes the "dark & gloomy" but I was really sick of walking through rain puddles in inappropriate footwear (I gave in and wore my converse, which don't get me wrong I do like) - I just kept thinking "where are my rain boots? Oh, yes, I don't have any." Since I'm on the subject of rain boots, a few weekends ago when I went shopping with my Mom and little sister I saw a pair of Hunter rain boots in person for the first time and I have to say - they do look really fabulous, I wanted to try a pair on but I don't have the money for them and I'm not sure if they would fit over my fat calves. Does anyone know how they fit in the calf?

Anyway, I'm getting off topic, back to the topic at hand -- the movies, now I really liked 'Contagion'. Yes, it wasn't a perfect movie but I'm not into "perfection" (come one, come all to the post party where Honeysuckelle will put everything into quotations) which really seems like a silly concept to me to begin with because nothing is or will ever be perfect. I felt very anxious during and after the movie since I am a bit of a germaphobe and also I don't tend to have the strongest immune system so I know I would be kind of screwed in a similar situation. After the movie it sparked a lot of conversation between my fiance and I which I enjoy from a movie. I like movies that make me feel something (unless it is rage from it sucking). I want to see it again because I tend to miss so much the first go around.

'Don't be Afraid of the Dark' I'm a bit on the fence about, it wasn't bad but I just kind of felt that the characters were a little too (and this is a common issue in movies) dense for my liking. If something was talking to me through a furnace, no matter what my age, I would not respond or stick my head in the furnace so we could be friends, nothing good comes from a creepy furnace as this movie proves. Pretty much to sum up my thoughts on both movies, the most frightening things come in either small or invisible packages. I don't think anything is scarier than infectious disease because it has happened and could happen at any time to any of us, just ahhh, must wash hands - must washhh hands!

I was extremely heartbroken to hear about Andy Whitfield's passing, I really liked 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand', it was a very visceral show if you have not seen it (see it! The show gets better with each episode) and Andy Whitfield played the perfect Spartacus with just the right amount of strength, heart, and sex appeal. I don't tend to cry over famous peoples death but this one really hit me hard and I cried for awhile. I was just really hoping he would get better (and for awhile it seemed like he was going to get better) and that his career would continue to thrive since I loved him so much in 'Spartacus' and he was such a cutie pie. He was so young - only 39, just very sad. I was going to post a picture of him but I know it will restart the water works.

Over the weekend my fiance and I went to Ellicott City with our friends Laurie, Jason, and Troy. During the raincalypse (it wasn't quite to that magnitude here) Ellicott City had some minimal flooding (as you can see in the video) by the time we went there on Saturday everything was luckily back to as if nothing had ever happened. I had never actually been to the historic area of Ellicott City before and it was far more beautiful than I had imagined. We all had dinner at a brewing place where I didn't order beer, I'm not very fond of beer, at least not American beer (they had all sorts of beers mind you). We talked about our heritages, memories from growing up, and so forth and had a dandy time - they are an awesome and entertaining group. We walked, all up hill where I was faced again with how out of shape I truly am, to see Patapsco Female Institute but when we got there it was completely roped off so we turned back around.

Since I'm a house fanatic and our route took us along so many picturesque houses I figured I'd share them with you, oh hey the last one is for sale. I would die to live along that road, it was so beautiful.

Afterwards we stopped by the Forget Me Not Factory! This place was heaven on wheels, well it wasn't oh wheels, on foundation and rock if you want to be precise (damn you precision). It was chaotic but in the best kind of way with all sorts of theme stuff like dragons, fairies, and pirates it was just a whimsical paradise and everywhere you looked was something new. It was a place that someone like me dreams of, I can't wait to go back. As you can see they had costumes and clothing, I especially loved this cloak with a peacock feather design but it was a bit out of my price range ($270 I believe). They also had oils, jewelry, masks, figurines, and everything else you can think of. The second picture is a part of the Fairy section and the rest are all Halloween themed. Around every corner was something else, there was even an entire section set up like someones closet full of vintage clothing. There were signs that said you weren't suppose to take pictures of the clothing but I did (oppsies, I couldn't help myself, look at it! Plus I mean I'm a bit of a rebel).

I ended up with a couple of things, I got some almond oil that I have plans for (that sounds ominous) and a faux velvet bustier top with skull buttons. Its a bit costume like but I love it, I think it is just adorable and I could wear it to a club, or to be silly, or to the Renaissance Festival. Who am I kidding, I am willing to bet (especially since it is really flattering on) that I will be seen around the aisles of Target in this thing, I have no shame, I really don't. My boyfriend bought the steam punk dragon figurine in the top picture, isn't he cute? I think I should give him a name...

This place had some cute sparkly dresses hanging up on the outside, I will have to remember to check out this place the next time I'm in Ellicott City.

After our Ellicott City adventure my fiance and I made a bee line for the FYE at Arundel Mills before it closed and I left with some cds and dvds (The Cramps, Lunachicks, 'Fright Night', 'Waxwork', 'Trick R'Treat' and 'Outbreak') and then I saw someone get tackled to the ground and arrested by a mall cop. Everyone else found it very exciting since people were taking pictures and recording it and stuff, I guess they've never seen someone get arrested before? I was a little curious what this group of people had done to be chased and apprehended but I tend to keep on walking in those situations. That mall in particular seems to have a lot of shoplifting issues but who knows.

On Thursday we also went to McKays (a used book store) where I got some other dvds and cds(Rage Against the Machine, Adam Ant, 'American Werewolf in London', 'Amelie', 'Exotica', and 'Elizabeth'), I like my dvds and cds what can I say? We also stopped by the Temple of Dumplings, aka Cracker Barrel. I didn't think it could happen but I'm officially sick of dumplings (for now at least). My fiance and I don't get the best reception there, my fiance said an older woman stopped and stared at us in awe when we walked in.

I ordered more of my favorite perfume from Amazon which has arrived already and a new bra that I'm hoping will be magical (not really magical, well hey it can be magical, haha now I'm just imagining it transporting me into a magical land or in time or something) from One Stop Plus.

Another weekend (for my fiance and us, since he has off Thursday through Saturday) is upon us so I'm sure I will have much more to report soon. I hope everyone is well. I'm still not quite sure what to wear to NYC, it is only a mere 8 days away now! Eeeee, so excited. I'm going to leave you with my usual sign off of cats ,music, and a few clips. I hope everyone has a fab weekend.

Cat that hangs around the neighborhood, isn't he adorable? He is the sweetest thing ever, I might have mentioned him before.

Look at Hamby, hot bish! I love the opening intro to this movie 'The Others', actually there are an entire host of movie introductions that I absolutely love, I will have to do a post all about that one of these days.


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