Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hello again, I'm going to attempt to stay focused enough to do a proper part dos off my last entry, but knowing me that may be a bit difficult especially since I'm feeling a bit somber today. I hope everyone is having a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. Friday night my boyfriend and I were on the road and I could not help but comment "Has everyone gone crazy?" because so many people were driving so erratically. Not only that but we must have seen 20 cops either parked off the side of the road, pulling over someone, or driving around - it was nuts. Labor Day, I did not know you were so wild? I don't generally walk on the wild side for any Summer holidays, I don't know, I guess its because I'm not a Summertime kind of gal.

I spot a few lighter strands...
 So before I get side-tracked by more pressing issues, onto my new hair, I decided to go with a dark red that was named something like "Black Cherry" which sounded exactly up my alley. To cut costs I convinced my boyfriend to dye it for me since I am not very good at doing it myself and it went pretty smoothly. He is such a sweetie for doing it for me and I think he did a good job.

I was a little surprised by the ultimate color but it was a pleasant surprise, it is dark like I wanted and under the light has a tint of dark violet which you may be able to tell. I'm pleased with it, although I'm not really jazzed about my extremely light eyebrows paired with my dark hair, I admit, I don't pay much attention to grooming my eyebrows because they are so light but with the darker hair they almost look nonexistent. I've had a hard time getting a picture of me I actually like but I figured I'd share a picture or two. What do you guys think of my hair? What about my light eyebrow issue? While I was visiting my family yesterday my step-dad made a funny comment about how my hair is a different color every time I visit. I guess that is actually true, hmm, didn't notice.

I'm not sure if anyone else is a Torrid addict such as myself, I've been a fan of Torrid since I was 19 and several sizes smaller, I like that Torrid has cutesie stuff for the plus sized gal and I very regularly check their website for new products (I also liked that they had a store not too far from where I lived at the time). I'm not sure who the model is, but this look they have on the main page of the website, WOW,  she is killing it! I've never actually worn a Torrid Halloween costume and I could not even begin to walk in those boots but after this picture I was really tempted to buy this costume myself. I love the hot Minnie Mouse costume as well.

To stay on the Torrid subject, I went shopping yesterday with my Mom, little sister Becky, and Becky's friend Ashley. I stopped by the Torrid store in Annapolis and found a pair of pants and a pair of underwear for $22.00! Yay for clearance and labor day sales. I do have to mention that I tried on a few other things and the sizing was a bit all over the place; I had some pants I could not fit into, some tops that were very oversized, and a romper that I had to keep going down in sizes. I'm not sure if that is just because of my wonky figure or what? I did almost cry in the dressing room after not being able to fit into two pair of pants I tried on, trying on pants always gets me a little nervous because I literally have pants that range in between 4 different sizes. It doesn't help that I've been feeling a bit down on myself already, especially about my figure and it was a bit disheartening to have things not fit. Not to mention, my boyfriend helped me measure myself for a bra and I was bigger in that department that I would have liked too.

I've just been feeling very unattractive lately and been having a bit of a cry now and then about it, I've always struggled with my weight/looks but I am currently the biggest I've ever been and it can be hard. I have no issue with being plus sized, my ultimate goal would be to remain plus sized but not quite this big. I know if I want a change I have to take the actions to change it and that is something I'm working on. Suffice to say, my self esteem has not been the best lately and I've been feeling very fat and ugly :(. I want to get around to posting outfit of the day posts but I'm a bit shy and insecure about it still, to be honest I have a hard enough time posting pictures of my face since I have ongoing issues with my skin.

Anyway I apologize for my little rant there and I'm swiftly going to change subjects now...

 My boyfriend and I saw the 'Fright Night' remake last weekend and I have to say, I have not left the theater feeling so jazzed in awhile. Colin Farrell played the perfect vampire with a great combination of creepy charm and David Tennant was hysterical. I've read some mixed reviews of the movie but I really enjoyed myself, it definitely was reminiscent of the silly horror movies of the 80's that I have such affection for. We also saw 'Conan the Barbarian' which I enjoyed, especially the shots of Jason Momoa's backside (I can't help it, he has a pretty epic bootay). We saw 'Conan' at a new theater near here in Leesburg that features these D-Box seats which basically move with the action, kind of like a ride at an amusement park. We didn't actually see the movie in the "D-Box Experience" but we did sit in the seats they have for you to sample what the D-Box is like and it was very cool. I'm not sure if it is really worth the $22.00 per ticket that they are charging, that price is comparable to what they charge for Amusement Park admissions, which is a bit ridiculous however it was an experience. Even from our regular seats we could feel some residual action from the D-Box area.

We also tried this restaurant called Vapianos and had some pretty good tomato soup and pasta. I'm going to copy and paste a more accurate description of the restaurant from their website:

Vapiano is a fast casual restaurant with a twist - customers use a "chip card" to personally order their food or drinks from the bar or from the individual fresh pizza, pasta or salad stations.

We had a good time and the food was pretty good, the only thing that I would change was the extremely loud and horrible radio music but that is something I've grown to expect from most public places. 

Onto the news I've been holding out on, my mom invited me to go with my little sisters and her to New York City later this month to celebrate my little sisters birthdays (which are only 3 days apart). I could not be more excited, I love New York City! We have plans to visit Central Park, eat, sample bakeries galore, see Times Square (I've been to NYC two times and never been to Times Square), explore, and shop. I am so excited and already have a gaggle of places I hope to visit while I'm there. We are only going for the weekend but still, I could not be more excited. The picture at the top and the three above are actually pictures I took during a day trip to NYC in 2009.

In anticipation for the trip which is a mere 19 days away now, *squeal*, I have done a little shopping for the trip. I think I'm going to wear the new pair of pants I got from torrid but I'm not sure what to pair them with? I'm hoping it will be very Autumn like (clear) weather while we are there.

Anyway onto the loot: I got two pair of sunglasses from Target (which as you can see were a very good price. My boyfriend hates the white pair), some lipstick from Sephora (Lip Attitude Star), a red top from Target, Hello Kitty and various printed socks, and something I was in desperate need for - some comfortable shoes. I'm a bit of a flip flop addict (yes I know, it is something I really need to stop) and there is no way I was going to walk around for two days in flip flops - it would be way too hard on my feet. Even walking around the mall in my croc (so stylish...) flip flops makes my feet and back ache like no tomorrow. However, I don't really like wearing tennis shoes because I find them ugly and hard to pair with outfits but I did really need to find a pair for such occasions. I'm a little lost what exactly to wear whilst I'm there... but I want to be as comfortable as possible. Stylish but comfortable, anyone have any tips? Anywho yes I choose men's tennis shoes because really, what is the difference? Also they were super comfortable, not my style really, but comfortable.

I'm sorry this is entry has been so scattered but my mind is not all there. One of my best friends is having a bit of a rough time right now and that is weighing heavy on my mind, I wish there was more I could do, and I'm just hoping for the best possible outcome.

I leave you with a picture of my Halo, it is impossible not to be cheered up by that little face, and a great remade song they played during the end credits of 'Fright Night'.


Alexandra said...

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments- I'm glad you like the blog!

In response to the comment about Eminem, I have to admit I was a *little* drunk and pretty far towards the back, so I didn't really pay as much attention as I probably should have and can't totally comment on his performance. Haha.

As far as your eyebrows go- I don't think they look bad! If you feel self conscious about them though, a real easy fix is to take some light brown eye shadow and just brush a little bit on. It's not as intense as some eyebrow pencils can be, but it does help darken them a bit! Just make sure to use a really light brown at first, because I think it darkens them more than I first expected.

Honeysuckelle said...

@Alexandra, you're totally welcome, I love your blog.

Haha, that is the best part of music festivals getting a little tipsy (or full on drunk), listening to music, feeling the vibe off the crowd, and hanging out with your friends. Although I never got drunk at any music festival since I went to them when I was younger. I don't really like rap music usually, I have his album from 2004 or so and I like that one. Either way he did a great job the year I saw him and it sounds like you had so much fun.

Thanks for the eyebrow tip and I'm glad you don't think they look silly hehe.

Bonnie said...

I am kind of in love with your hair. The color is amaze balls.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Honeysuckelle said...

Thank you Bonnie, so sweet of you to say!

Courtney Erin said...

I seriously love your hair color - and you are nuts about your eyebrows, they look great!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Honeysuckelle said...

Haha thank you, I think I'm going to stick to this hair color for a little bit. Thanks about the eyebrows too, I guess we all get hung up on things that others don't see.


Thick Threads said...

cute hair color love it! looks great on you and brings out those pretty blue eyes :) you shouldnt worry about the sizing of pants! most pants have such weird cuts and shapes that its normal to not fit into a particular size so dont worry about it! really. and your are totally gorgeous! i love your face! :D but i know that we all especially in the plus size world have our down days its hard keeping your head up but we are all here to support eachother and make a difference :) I have yet to see fright night...but i want to! glad you liked it.

have fun in NYC! thats really exciting! love the stuff you bought. that pink lipstick oh yeah! :) cant wait to read the post when you get back :)


Honeysuckelle said...

Aww, thank you so much for all the compliments. I agree, sizing of pants can be all over the place but it does get to you sometimes. Funny thing is, I wore one of the pants I bought and they are too big. Grr.

I hate recommending movies/music/tv to people because then if they dislike it I feel responsible for them not liking it in some silly way but I loved 'Fright Night'.

I can't wait for NYC, I definitely will be making some large posts after my trip.


Elle Sees said...

i've gotta see Fright Night.

Honeysuckelle said...

@Elle Sees, I agree, I had fun at least. See it and report back. Thanks for the comment!


laura said...

The color looks magnificent on you! When I was learning how to dye my hair, I would ask my sister or brother to do help me get all the hard to reach spots! My husband would never consent! hahaha
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights

Anita said...

Love your hair!

Honeysuckelle said...

@Laura, aww thank you so much. I don't know how I get my fiance to help and he really does not like doing it haha but I am grateful for his help. I always miss spots, the one time I did it on my own I brushed the dye through a disposable brush and it worked but it was very messy.

@Anita, aww thank you!


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Girl, you're beautiful. Sizes are all over the place these days, it's nothing to do with you. x hivenn

Cylia said...

ahh.. vapiano has THE best pasta.. I lovee the pesto one.. it's so darn good:) p.s. If you haven’t already.. I entered a blogger contest and I really need you to 'like' my picture.. it only takes a second. And the contest only runs until this Friday! I'd really appreciated. here is an explanation:

Honeysuckelle said...

@Jazzy E, aww thank you! I know that sizes can be all over the place but sometimes it can be hard when a certain size does not fit.

@Cylia, Vapiano was very good, I will have to try the pesto one. I will check out your contest.

Thanks for the comments girls :)

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