Monday, August 19, 2013
Hey everyone, as usual I'm about a month in between posts but at least with that I have more news to update you with. In one of my last entries (here) I spoke about how I'm on a weight loss/improved health journey and I have now lost 25lbs! I was pretty excited because it was one of the short term goals I had set in my head and it is so great seeing my hard work pay off. My next short term goal is something between 35-40lbs so wish me luck. It is rough, I have been craving all the wrong things and my energy levels have been in the dumps but I'm slowly rolling through. I think with shows like 'The Biggest Loser' (of which I have never seen but I've heard how they work them out till they puke and demand immediate results) people have started to get some unrealistic views of weight loss in their heads - real weight loss takes time, a lot of permanent changes to your lifestyle, and a fuck ton of patience. I feel like this is taking forever but I know I'm going about it (with exception of a few bad days) the right way for me. One of my changes has been incorporating working out into my life which is not the easiest thing for me because to be honest I don't really care for it most of the time, I generally like walking/hikes but I hate going alone (so boring). I have been hitting up all the local parks for a walk or a hike with my fiance and it has been pretty good, I'm discovering some super picturesque places and seeing growing strength and agility in my body. Not to mention it gets me some new things to shop for - sports bras, yoga pants, running shoes, hiking shoes, cute workout tops, coordinating hats and sunglasses, etc.

A few weekends ago my fiance and I went to Riverbend Park and Great Falls Park. Our day at Riverbend was the best, the weather was amazing and we did a solid walk/hike for about 2 hours. I was exhausted about 3/4ths of the way through but I felt pretty amazing afterwards.

Sadly, our day at Great Falls wasn't quite as majestic since it started to rain and walking in the rain when you wear glasses is so irritating but the views at Great Falls are ridiculous. Great Falls was also jam packed full of humanity but it is kinda understandable considering the view.

Besides all that, my little sisters came to visit two weekends ago and we had a pretty good time, the visit was too brief but my little sister, Megan, had band camp starting on that Monday so we had to cut our visit short. I really enjoyed having them though and I was really bummed when they left. My little sister, Becky, is going into her senior year of high school so I'm trying to squeeze in as much time with her as I can before she goes off to college *sniff* they grow up so fast *sniff*. They really do, I remember the struggle of trying to put toddler shoes on her feet.

The weekend before Becky and Megan visited was my Fiances birthday so I threw a party at our house with friends. We played 'Cards Against Humanity', ate lemon cake and macaroni and cheese, and carried on as we tend to do.

I'm hoping to visit another park Wednesday or Thursday for a hike/walk/exploration that we didn't end up getting to this past weekend because of construction and maybe (fingers crossed) a visit to Ikea for some stuff around the house. On another note, some stores are already putting out their HALLOWEEN stuff out  so Halloween shopping and decorating has begun. I love Halloween, it cannot come sooner in my opinion.


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