Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Denim pants
$54 -

Forever21 jewelry
$11 -

Avacado Always Nail Polish
$2.80 -

Blue Bow Mixed Media Neckace

Looty Booty, I'm a doofus, sharing some of my recent purchases. I didn't buy the necklaces in the picture just the black dress. The pants I bought to wear to work and I'm very happy with them. The one pair (second down) I've been wearing to the work the last few days and I'm happy to report I think I actually could have gone down a size. Shopping while you're bloated is not recommended. I also got a black and white polka dot see through top that I quite like, wore it on Monday - I do have to say though the sleeves are a bit weird. That isn't all I bought...

I like to buy DVD's, I don't know if I have previously mentioned that but I do. Some of the stuff I buy is a bit dorky but oh well, that is I, a bit dorky.

I also bought a pair of sparkly denim skinny jeans from Forever 21, simple black leggings from Forever 21, black cardigan with heart pattern from Forever 21, 4 tank tops from old navy (all longish lace tees in white, 2x black, and purple). two eyeliners (one in glam rock green and one in blue rock), 3 pairs of knickers from Torrid (one has a squirrel on it hehe), angel wing ring, open gray cardigan from Forever 21, and a black old navy cardigan. So safe to say, I went a little crazy. I really need some work clothes and some tank tops I didn't despise, but I went a little over that... obviously.

In other news, work has been good. I'm still trying to adjust to the schedule though, I'm dog tired today, need a nap! My boyfriend bought us 'Blood Drive' for our XBOX which he is a lot better at than I am.

Saw 'Sucker Punch' over the weekend - it was okay.
Discovered that there is a Pinkberry in Fairfax, must try, must try!
Ben and Jerry's 'Late Night Snack', although odd sounding, is quite tasty. (Have yet to try Clusterfluff, I will keep you posted)

Almost peed my pants laughing while fooling around with a Ken doll in Walmart, had him longingly yell my boyfriends name and make long awaited admissions. I almost considered buying it, it was so fun to play with. But knowing me, I would have bought it, put it in absurd duct tape outfits and ended up breaking its little voice box thingie making it scream inappropriate statements. That or my boyfriend would have ended up taking it away because of my bad behavior ^-^

I have been craving mashed potatoes like it's nobodies business, which it is not, keep it to yourself! I'm kidding, put it on a billboard, perhaps I'll get free mashed potatoes! Do it! Oh and I dragged my boyfriend to 'Cracker Barrell', he seemed pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. We got a lot of strange looks though, especially when I walked to the wrong door twice before finding the bathroom.

I've been having a lot of fun, hope it stays fun. Hope everyone is well. Still need to get around to that outfit of the day thing, need to take pictures! I will get around to it eventually.

Cheesecake Factory, sooo much food.
Cracker Barrell. I spot a biscuit.

Oh before I forget, booties! The booties I mentioned in the previous post. I haven't worn them yet but my right knee has been acting up and I don't want to push it at all.


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